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Tune in to Tesla’s Plaid Model S delivery event at 11:15 PM ET

After a mocking fanatic in the last two years, Tesla will take the Model S beyond Ludicrous mode tonight when svela an even faster version of the sedan. U Model S Plaid promises owners that they will have the “fastest accelerating car in production today,” equipped with three electric motors that will push the car to a top speed of 200 MPH, with the right tires and wheels attached.

What we won’t see tonight at the S Plaid model delivery event it’s a Plaid + version that should support an additional range, after Elon Musk he said it was canceled. According to the executive, the Plaid is so good that there is “no need” for another version. That said, with the competition in the EV market continuing to multiply and exciting new models like the Cybertruck and Roadster – the car that was supposed to debut in EV show “Plaid” – still in development, Tesla could certainly use the cachet of an aura car even better to promote

If you’ve heard enough, then the Plaid Model S is ready to be ordered on the Tesla website with a delivery estimate in June. As well as Autoblog note, the price has increased about $ 10,000 in recent days, reaching $ 129,990 or about $ 50,000 more than a standard Model S sedan. For those who need more convincing or just want to see how fast the EV is moving, a delivery event for the Plaid is planned for start broadcasting at 11:15 PM ET tonight.

Update: The finished account, and a YouTube stream (embedded above) indicates that things should start at about 11:30 PM.

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