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Trump’s border wall ripped apart by monsoon rains in Arizona

Boundary wall gates blown up by monsoon rains near San Bernardino Ranch in Arizona.

Boundary wall gates blown up by monsoon rains near San Bernardino Ranch in Arizona.
Photo: Fernando Sobraso

Turns out ignoring basic environmental laws It might not have been the best choice for a multi-billion dollar construction project. The photographs show that former President Donald Trump’s border wall is in deep desolation after the summer monsoon rains literally ripped the floodgates off their hinges.

The damage occurred near the San Bernardino Ranch, a historic site that sits between Douglas, Arizona and the San Bernardino Wildlife Refuge. Much of the West suffers from deep mega droughtbut monsoon rains who have theirpt through parts of the Southwest it In the summer, the southern half of Arizona was flooded with record rains. Douglas saw almost twice the rainy season average so far, including an explosion that occurred on Monday and caused flooding on the Arizona-Sonora border. Data from the National Weather Service show that 2.15 inches (5.5 centimeters) of rain fell, which in turn resulted in wash-outs and flooding.

Jose Manuel Perez Cantu, director of the non-profit organization Cuenca de Los Ojos, said in an email that six gates had been washed away in this place alone. There were other gates too reportedly suffered from heavy rains and floods. The strength and height of the water can be seen not only in the heavy open gates, but also in the debris that surrounded the intact sections of the wall.

Who could have predicted this? Oh yeah, Almost all

“I will build a great wall – and no one builds walls better than me, trust me – and I will build them very inexpensively,” Trump said. said when he announced his candidacy for the presidency in 2015. “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for this wall. Mark my words.”

Mexico not, in fact, pay for the wall, Which caused former Trump declare a state of emergency so he can send money from other federal projects and programs for the construction of the wall. The wall was expensive and costly to the public. billions of cost overruns… However, it was built from chintz.

By hastily erecting the wall, Trump has overshadowed environmental and cultural laws. These laws are designed to protect the natural world and historically significant artifacts and places. But they also serve the purpose of ensuring that multi-billion dollar construction projects do not experience catastrophic disruptions for several years after their construction.

Much of the work was outsourced to billion-dollar private companies, including Southwest Valley Constructors. which the did most of the work in Arizona. The company pulled in $ 2.7 billion in federal contracts and faced lawsuits from private landowners who claimed construction-related explosions sent “car-sized boulders” to their land. (There are also several OSHA Complaints against company, which is a completely different matter.) The location near the San Bernardino Wildlife Refuge is one of the growing holes in the wall that was thrown into action. In another area of ​​Texas where dams were destroyed, there is hundreds of thousands left prone to catastrophic flooding

“It is clear that these were not the same companies that really took into account the long-term integrity of the product,” said Miles Trafagen, Coordinator of the Border Areas Program. Wildlands network… “The sad thing is that it was supervised by the Army Corps of Engineers. The Army Corps has a long and illustrious history Taking off your ecological hat when you build dams, snails become extinct and salmon are affected. The bottom line, however, is that society gets a net economic benefit … while the border wall sucks money. None of this is beneficial to us. “

The family of copies.

The family of copies.
Photo: Miles Trafagen / Wildlands Network

It remains to be seen what the future holds for the wall. President Joe Biden imposed a construction moratorium. Nevertheless, Trump managed to achieve 452 miles (727 kilometers) of walls built… This led to an environmental disaster for one of the most fragile ecosystems in North America, a place where the wildlife of the tropics, deserts and mountains mix. Images taken during construction destroying iconic saguaro as well numerous environmental claims revealed the risks, and Trafagen described trap photographs taken by his group, which captured everything from rare jaguars to common darts striding along the wall in search of a path.

Severe floods may have given them passage near San Bernardino. And the monsoons that have become more intense partly due to the climate crisis – can rip apart other parts of a poorly constructed wall divide… But it is clear that there is a need for deeper calculation and correction.

“It’s not often that an ecologist can actually timestamp the day the evolutionary history of an area was closed,” Trafagen said. “Step number one [to reversing course] is to open the gates where they exist and remove sections of the boundary wall where they have the greatest impact on the movement and migration of species. “

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