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Top 12 Android Features We’ve Found So far

I was unable to get Game Dashboard to work on my Pixel 5, but you might have better luck.

I was unable to get Game Dashboard to work on my Pixel 5, but you might have better luck.
Screenshot: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Finally, Google has its own version of Game Dashboard for Android. This is a feature that has been available on Android smartphones by manufacturers such as OnePlus and Samsung for some time now. The game control panel not only blocks notifications and other interruptions while playing the game, but it also allows you to record gameplay, update hardware, take screenshots, and in some cases allows you to get into your chosen broadcast kit. In the case of Google, it links you to YouTube Live.

To enable the game bar, open Settings application, click on Notifications, then scroll down and press Please do not disturb… Scroll down when you get to the screen and select Schedules… Press Gear icon right after Games choice and you will see two options Game control panel… You can choose whether to enable the shortcut in the game control panel in games or Android should go to Do Not Disturb mode when you are in a game. You can also find this menu by simply searching for “Game Settings” in the settings panel.

Unfortunately, I was unable to display the game control panel while I was in Pokemon Go, although there is screenshots shows the games compatible with the overlay. Game optimization options are not yet available, but there are other options to enable frames per second (fps) counter, stream directly to YouTube Live, record or take screenshots.

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