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Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is a free, team-based FPS to play


Ubisoft is deepening the Clancyverse with XDefiant by Tom Clancy, a free-to-play game that was revealed Monday. The first-person multiplayer shooter pits six-character teams (or Defiants) against each other in multiple game modes. There’s a focus on gunplay, though you can also exploit traits, abilities, and “ultras” – which seem similar to the latter in other games – based on the faction you’re using.

XDefiant it’s a bit of a cross between Ubisoft’s various Clancy franchises. The initial group of factions includes the Wolves (inspired by Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon), Echelon (Cell Splinter) and the Madmen and Cleaners (The Division). More Defiants will be added to the game later, and they will draw on a variety of characters and abilities “from the Tom Clancy universe … and beyond,” Ubisoft said.

Ubisoft San Francisco is developing XDefant, which creative leaders have said will feature “fast-paced shooters encountering punk rock moshpits.” You can customize your Defiant’s charge (including primary and secondary weapons, attachments, and devices). You can modify your installation when you save to help adapt to what happens in a game. It seems that there will be ways for casual and competitive players to get the most out of the game as well.


There is clear echo of Overwatch and Valuable here, with much taste Clancyverse thrown. Executive producer Mark Rubin has previously worked on Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty games, and there’s some obvious DNA from that franchise in XDefiant as well.

XDefiant comes to Xbox One, PlayStation, Xbox Series X / S, PS5, PC, Google Stage, Amazon Luna and Ubisoft Connect with a full cross-play expected early on. The game is still quite early in development, but Ubisoft is already inviting the public to try it out. The first public PC test begins Aug. 5, and you can sign up through it XDefiant website for an opportunity to participate.

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