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Tokyo Olympics staff will receive devices worn on the ears to reduce the risk of heat stroke

Summers in Tokyo are not only hot, they are also extremely humid – together, these two elements are a recipe for heat-related illnesses. According to The Guardian, there are concerns that the upcoming Tokyo Olympics will lead to an increase in heat stroke cases, which is certainly a huge problem when medical services are already getting too thin due to the pandemic. To help protect Olympic staff from heat-related illnesses, Alibaba has devised a cloud-based solution to monitor body temperature and heart rate.

Olympics staff will carry a smart device in their ear to track their statistics and environmental index, which will be monitored by means of heat stress meters installed in the venues. That data will then be sent to a cloud-based technology that will identify the level of heat stroke risk in real time for each user. Those who are at high risk of having a heat stroke will receive warnings on their phones, with recommended preventative measures, such as drinking more water as soon as possible.

In 2020, Tokyo reported nearly 200 deaths from heat in the metropolis, so athletes and staff members are preparing for what could be the hottest Olympics ever. The city can be so hot and humid in summer, officials have had to move the games from 1964 to October. Since this will not happen this time around – the event will start on July 23 – precautionary measures should be taken such as the use of Alibaba’s anti-heat stroke technology.

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