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There’s Someone In Your House Trailer: Netflix Horror

A mysterious killer stands with his back to the camera in the corn maze in Someone's Inside Your House.

There is someone in your house on Netflix October 6.
Photo: Netflix.

Idea murderer Existence inside your house scary enough. But what if the killer turned out to be … you? This is the hook There is someone in your house, the new Netflix slasher horror film from the producers Sean Levy (Stranger Things) and James Wang (Malignant)

There is someone in your house Based on the New York Times bestseller of the same name by Stephanie Perkins. Directed by Patrick Bryce and written by Henry Hayden, it stars Sydney Park, Theodore Pellerin, Asya Cooper, Dale Whibley and other teenagers in the humble town of Nebraska. All is quiet until … well, the killer arrives with the face of his victims. Here’s the trailer.

This trailer does There is someone in your house Feel like a real 1980s or 1990s slasher. Lots of changing teens, lots of dramatic secrets, and lots of suspects who could possibly be the killers. One would assume that the producers are hoping this could be a franchise too, especially when more or less anyone could be the killer.

Since I haven’t read the book, my biggest question after this trailer is … how does the killer make these masks? It seems that such technology exists mainly for the Marvel Cinematic Universe or with Quest Impossible crowd. In fact, a machine that can duplicate faces is certainly not out of the question, but wouldn’t it be pretty easy to track it down? How many people in rural Nebraska have received shipments of real masks in the past few weeks? The case has been solved.

Seriously, from the 21 circle team of Sean Levy and Dan Cohen, as well as from the Atomic Monster team of James Wan and Michael Clear, There is someone in your house it seems to have some serious nostalgic horrors. We hope he can fulfill his potential. Starring Jesse LaTourette, Diego Joseph, Berkeley Duffield, Sarah Dugdale, William McDonald, Andrew Dunbar, Markian Tarasyuk, There is someone in your house drops on Netflix October 6th.

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