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There’s a new Shazam in town and her name is Mary Marvel

Harvest the new Shazam # Champion!  showing Mary with lightning around her.

Image: DC Comics / Evan “Doc” Shaner

Since 1939, Billy Batson was the only one to wear the robe of a thunder hero. Shazam… Although he has New film On the horizon, DC Comics decided that a new hero with the title should appear, and then his sister Mary Bromfield comes to the rescue.

Announced Polygon DC released a new miniseries yesterday by Josie Campbell (She-Ra) and favorite comic artist Evan “Doc” Shaner called New Shazam Champion!. After Billy’s recent sacrifice left their entire superhero Shazam family powerless, Mary tries to adjust to becoming a normal college freshman. But then the former Mary Marvel receives a message from the talking rabbit with interesting news: Billy has chosen her as the new Champion.

“Who is Mary?” – the very heart of this comic, Campbell told Polygon, adding that the book explores her feelings about the various situations in her life that she has been forced into. “It really sheds light on her, her wants and desires – as someone who was part of a superhero team doesn’t have their abilities, they take them back, and then suddenly there are a lot of choices in front of her. which she will have to do very quickly. “

Concept art and twists for the new Captain Marvel by Evan Shaner.

Image: DC Comics / Evan “Doc” Shaner

Despite being a huge fan of the character, Shaner told Polygon that he was never interested in returning to anything Shazam-related since 2015. Convergence event. But he always thought that Mary should be the lead in the book. “It was the only time I will go back if it ever happens.” Although Mary starred in 1973 Shazam! and 1995s The Power of Shazam !, in fact, she herself has not titled the book since 1945 Mary Marvel… Shaner definitely understands the duo’s possibilities for the character. “We hope to have fun and the creative energy behind many of the early materials that [creator Otto] Binder did, ”he said. “But we also want to bring this to a more modern audience and try to make it more suitable for children or young people today.” Check out Shaner’s cover below, where Mary takes full responsibility for her.

The cover for the new Shazam Champion # 1 featuring Shazam standing on the field with lightning around her.

Image: DC Comics / Evan “Doc” Shaner

New Shazam Champion will begin its circulation of four issues on February 8, 2022.

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