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The Windows 11 preview can dynamically change your update frequency to save battery life


If you’ve recently purchased a Windows laptop, there’s a good chance it can include a high-frequency display. As for recent computer advances, it’s one of the most notable updates you can get since it helps make every interaction, including scrolling, look and feel significantly more fluid. But increasing the refresh rate on your laptop’s display is also a major battery drain. You can get the best of both worlds by manually switching between different refresh rates, but it’s so long to do so and so Microsoft introduces a new feature called Dynamic refresh rate (DRR) with the first Windows 11 Insider forecast

As the name suggests, DRR will lower the refresh rate of your laptop to 60Hz when you do things like write emails and documents and then increase it to 120Hz when you inquire and scroll so that those interactions feel more instantaneous. . Currently, support for the feature is primarily limited to a handful of apps from Microsoft and Adobe. For example, your computer’s refresh rate will increase at a faster cooling rate when you’re inked and running in Office. However, Microsoft says that more applications will support the feature over time. One thing to note is that DDR won’t turn on while you’re playing a game, so there’s no need to worry about putting yourself at a disadvantage in a competitive multiplayer game.


To test DRR, you need a laptop that has a display with support for a variable refresh rate of at least 120Hz. You also need a graphics driver that supports the feature. That’s right, even if you have a laptop that meets the requirements listed above, you may not be able to enable DRR after installing the first Windows 11 Insider build. It’s something Microsoft says it works with manufacturers to address. But if your laptop has the necessary driver support, you will find the option to turn on DRR in the Systems menu.

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