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The TikTok and Ai Tech algorithms are now on sale


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Now anyone can tap into the secret sauce behind ByteDance’s global success TikTok app — for a price. The China-based company has quietly launched a new BytePlus division in June focused on selling TikTok’s artificial intelligence technology, including the popular recommendation algorithm behind its ForYou feed, to companies around the world, in the Financial Times he said Sunday.

Some of the features on sale include computer vision technology of short-form video application, real-time video effects, automated translation of text and speech functions, and tools for data analysis and management, among others, the Times. Customers can then adapt this technology to suit the needs of their apps and consumer base.

BytePlus already has a few buyers, according to its website. The American fashion app Capra is listed among its top customers, as is the Singapore-based travel booking site WeGo and the Indonesian online shopping start-up Chilibeli.


TikTok’s recommendation algorithm has been a key driver for its success, so it’s logical that ByteDance is trying to exploit that. As TikTok explained in a blog post last year, the app determines which videos to recommend on your feed based on user metadata and how you interact on the platform, how which videos you like, share or comment on, which hashtags or captions you include in your posts, what type of device you are using or your location parameters, etc.

This creates a bespoke experience that can differ greatly from one user to another. This feed, called ForYouPage or FYP, has become practically a meme in itself. Countless stories to get become viral for users who say TikTok’s algorithm knows their sexuality or medical diagnosis before doing so, a self-discovery only recognized after the app has pointed them to specific communities of people who have shared their experiences . They may be uncannily perceptive; thanks to TikTok, I began to suspect that my entire ass personality was actually just a bunch of traumatic responses and ADHD symptoms disguised in a trench coat.

However, BytePlus is entering an already crowded market. As the Times notes, its suite of tools will be against AI services from technology giants such as Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM and Microsoft, along with other China-based competitors such as Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent. . Based on online registrations, BytePlus seeks to register trademarks in the United States, although it is unclear whether the company has yet established a state presence, according to the outlet.

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