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The Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer upgrade brings USB audio streaming 10 years after release

Ten years after its initial release, Teenage Engineering still finds ways to surprise and delight with it . Wednesday, the company for the much-loved synthesizer that adds support for streaming USB audio. In short, it means that it is much easier to connect the OP-1 to your favorite digital audio workstation and start making music; there is no longer a need to connect the former to an external sound card. Similarly, if you want to sample and register at OP-1, it’s even easier.

According to Teenage Engineering, USB audio streaming works with PCs and Macs, as well as iOS and Android devices. Many years after its release, the company says it has been able to bring such a transformative function to OP-1 by adapting what it learned while working on the . You can download the update by visiting the and following the instructions listed here.

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