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The Statue of Batman Robert Pattinson Reveals the White Hood

A statue of Robert Pattinson as Batman from Matt Reeves ’upcoming DC movie Matt Comics.

All eyes on you, bats.
Screenshot: Prime 1 Studio

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The adventures of Batman in live action have tried many times to depict the iconic hood, with white eyes from the comics in many ways. The Dark Knight gave us bulbous Bat-Sonar lenses, meanwhile Batman v Superman he added massive, bright eyes to Bruce chonky armored supersuit. But could the last, Matt Reeves’ In Batman, actually gave them a crack?

There have been rumors that at some point we’ll see Robert Pattinson’s Batman wear a sort of year-round to the classic white-eyed DC comics in In Batman—Put portraits of the actor film motion sequences included shots of him apparently having some kind of lens attached to the leather hood of the new Batsuit. But while we instead have to look directly into it RPatz’s highly shaded eyeballs in In Batman trailer released in DC Fandome last summer, a new statue in operation could take a look at what it might be like if the suit gave us a white-eyed Batman, even just for a short run.

Prime 1 Studio has revealed a new statue of The Pattinson Batsuit movie in the framework of a giant Next Level showcase last Friday, which gives us what also happens to be our cleanest and clearest view of the new conception in everything we’ve had so far. Representing Bruce slouching on top of a gargoyle as he will, the statue comes with three alternate heads: Bruce flashing, Bruce flashing a little louder, and then one of Pattinson’s likeness as seen in the trailer. Check out a full look at the statue in the video below — the revelation begins around 2:12:17 in the full stream below.

The first two of these sculptures have white lenses, and in the context of clothing in general, them really works well. As well as, Really work. It’s pretty much like hell, and while if you’re a statue of a live-action designer it’s very different to see that cartoon in live-action, hopefully this is an indicator of how good it is. In BatmanTaking it into account could keep me from it.

We’ll have to wait and see though – it’s clear that the two white-eyed sculptures aren’t based entirely on Pattinson’s film costume, since the hoods are different. They stood up as the dress appeared Jim Lee’s teaser art of the hood, made by Fandome before the release of the trailer, and more evocative of the comic show his art made the dress more than thewn-up, leathery appearance of the film’s costume.

Ma! It always gives us an idea that this could be the live action outfit that would really close out the latest attempt to bring an iconic piece of Bat-iconography into live action. We’ll find out in time In Batman will be released in theaters sometime in March 2022.

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