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The Star Wars film Rogue Squadron features writer Matthew Robinson

Expect X-Wings when Rogue Squadron hits in 2023.

Expect X-Wings when Rogue Squadron hits in 2023.
Photo: Lucasfilm

Six months have passed since then news of the next Star Wars film it broke and now we finally have another piece of the puzzle. WI already knew it that one Wonder Woman and director Patty Jenkins will be to do Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, and that the film is destined for a December 22, 2023 releaseas we know it will be written by Matthew Robinson.

The Hollywood Reporter he posted the news of the addition even though Lucasfilm did not comment. io9 has also arrived and will update this post if or when we hear it. As for Robinson, he co-wrote the surprise success 2019 Dora and the Lost City of Gold and also underestimated last year Love and Monsters. He also worked with Ricky Gervais to co-write and co-direct 2009’s The invention of the lie, which is approved since it will do a lot of this work time Star Wars. He also wrote a script for the followed by Tomorrow’s Edge but who knows what happens with that.

Back when Jenkins’ the film has been announced, it has been described as “[introducing] a new generation of stellar fighter pilots as they gain their wings and risk their lives in a passage of emotions at high speed that pushes the boundaries, and shifts the saga into the future era of the galaxy. ”Jenkins later confirmed that , despite its sharing of a title with a popular Nintendo 64 game, the movie will have an original story which draws from games, books, and even more.

From all this, it seemed that Lucasfilm already had a good understanding of what exactly Rogue team had from them. So it’s unclear if Robinson is a new addition to the team or if we’re just hearing about his involvement. now. According to the trade, “He’s currently furiously tasting it in a sketch” and “tThe project hopes to go into pre-production this fall for a resumption sometime in 2022 ”.

What we do know is that Disney and Lucasfilm are planning Rogue team for them the first live-action Star Wars post-filmSkywalker saga. Other movies, including one by Taika Waititi, are likely to follow, but almost as The Force Awakens he had so much riding on his shoulder to carry Star Wars back to the theaters, Rogue team will carry a similar weight.

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