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The redesigned Venmo app gets rid of the global payment feed


Venmo has become much more than just a payment platform, and the company has redesigned its app to reflect that. The company introduced a review app for Android and iOS which launches global food, which has shown random payments shared publicly between people in favor of food from friends that shows what happens with your close connections. It is not surprising to see the company put a little more into secrecy after the revelation that President Joe Biden’s Venmo account was publicly visible.

Meanwhile, the new in-depth navigation section is built to highlight features you might not have considered before. A Cards button adds both credit and debit options, while a dedicated Crypto button surprisingly invites you to start cryptocurrency trading.


There is a strictly practical improvement. You now have a “complete” view of your portfolio, activities and settings through your personal feed. Venmo is also eager to report recent privacy updates, although those won’t change much with the redesign. New payment types and extended purchase protections unveiled last month are set to begin rolling out again this week.

It may take a few weeks for the cooled Venmo app to arrive on your device. It’s too early to tell if the interface change will be more useful for you or for Venmo. There is little doubt that they reflect the company’s changing priorities, however – money transfers represent only one part of a broader strategy to manage as much as possible of your financial life.

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