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The Nintendo Direct E3 will take place on June 15th


Nintendo he is preparing to fill his list of games for the rest of the year. The company has announced its E3 Nintendo Direct will take place on June 15 at noon ET.

The Direct will last about 40 minutes and will only be about the software, most of which will come out in 2021. So, don’t expect the company to talk about the a lot of noise Change here for the next generation. The reports suggest Nintendo will unveil the Switch Pro / Super Switch / New Nintendo Switch before E3, then he and other publishers can show the games running on the hardware.


After the Live, you can watch around three hours of deep immersion in some games during Nintendo Treehouse Live. Fingers crossed for a detailed look The Legend of Zelda: Lament of the Wild 2.

As always, Engadget will cover E3 closely, including all the great news from Direct Stream. You can follow our coverage all week with us E3 2021 day.

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