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The next morning: You can now upgrade your PS5 SSD if you meet all the criteria.


Yes, you can finally upgrade your SSD to the PS5 – a console that already requires quite large game file sizes. However, this is much more difficult than plugging in a USB stick. First, you must be a beta PS5 user in the US, Canada and some European countries. Next, you’ll need a PCIe Gen4 SSD for 5500MB / s read speeds or faster – there are options from Samsung, Western Digital, and Seagate.

But it’s not over yet. Sony notes in its SSD upgrade guide that you also need to consider the PS5’s cooling mechanism. This means you might have to add a heatsink to your SSD, or opt for a compatible SSD with a built-in cooling structure.

Aaron Suppuris / Engadget

Oh, that too must be a heatsink of the right size. And Sony suggests doing the entire setup in a well-lit room, a flashlight is “optional.” This is literally Says that

Have you bought a next-gen console so you don’t think too much about these things? It’s a pity. It’s time to try on the radiator. This feature will be available to non-beta PS5 users later this year.

(TL; DR: Western Digital Black SN850 radiator model should work if you want to upgrade your PS5 storage.)

– Mat Smith

The tiny gaming PC you really need.

Intel NUC 11 Extreme Mini Gaming Desktop

Devindra Hardavar / Engadget

Intel’s own desktop series is getting a little more attractive. The new NUC 11 Extreme, aka Beast Canyon, is very similar to last year’s NUC 9 Extreme. But it’s slightly cheaper and more flexible thanks to a faster 11th Gen Intel processor and support for full-size GPUs. Yes, it’s bigger, but the ability to work with full-size GPUs makes it a real, albeit expensive, desktop PC for gaming. Devindra Hardavar puts this to the test. Continue reading.

Watch the first trailer for the gameplay.

Finally, a game that you play as a cat. After being teased in 2020, we’ll finally see the game in action – and news that it will arrive next year. The gameplay involves using the cat’s physical abilities to navigate the environment and solve puzzles. You can also scratch furniture. Continue reading.

And an homage to the technical design of the past.

Nothing Ear Wireless Headphones 1.

Engadget, Mat Smith

Nothing has teased the launch of a product that is almost ready for so long. Its transparent-body wireless earbuds look cool, cost $ 100 and, perhaps a little surprisingly, sound pretty good. The Ear 1s are a little temperamental about connectivity – and pricier earbuds sound better – but Nothing isn’t delivering the stylish earbuds that hit the US next month. Mat Smith checks them out. Continue reading.


The simultaneous release will cost Johansson over $ 50 million.

Scarlett Johansson in the Marvel movie 'Black Widow'

Jay Madement / Marvel Studios

Star Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney over the company’s decision to release the film in theaters and. Johansson claims it was a breach of contract. In a suit, says Johansson, Black Widow was supposed to be released exclusively in theaters, according to her deal with Marvel. Most of Johansson’s salary was tied to her box office.

Going to launch a movie at Disney + may have impacted Black WidowPerformance in theaters. According to Diversity, he’s on his way to becoming one of the highest-grossing Marvel films to date at the box office. Continue reading.

You know the rules.

Never Gonna Give You Up


AND Continue reading.

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