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The Next Morning: Apple Music adds lossless streaming to its entire catalog

Today is Google’s day, as its I / O developer conference begins. The company canceled last year , ensuring that there is plenty to show this time. What can we expect to see? A deep dive into the next iteration of Android is all but certain, after the three previews of Android 12 developers that are already out. We expect audio-coupled haptics, better photo-in-photo for videos and even some more interesting features.


Alongside Google’s vision for Android, expect to hear more about the Wizard and WearOS. With the latter, big rumors suggest that Samsung – a company that once abandoned Android Wear before investing heavily in its Tizen operating system – will return with a new OS Wear watch. This could be noticeable when Google struggled to compare Apple’s success in wearable clothing.

Speaking of Apple – always one to throw a party – it unveiled its music streaming plans without loss, and Amazon has stocked up at about the same time. We’ll go into all of that below, then head back to Engadget for the main Google I / O address at 10AM PT / 1PM ET. We will continue with all the news.

– Mat Smith

No extra costs.

After all the suggestions and rumors, Apple has unveiled two new high-quality music options. However, the price for Apple Music remains the same. Apple promises to make Dolby Atmos content easy to find with curated playlists and special badges. While the company has not gone into specifics on the size of the music library, it says “thousands” of songs will be available at launch.

The company also makes its entire music catalog available in audio without loss. Lossless streaming uses Apple’s ALAC codec (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) up to 48kHz, while Hi-Resolution Lossless increases the quality to 192kHz. For this level of quality, Apple warns that you’ll need some extra equipment to make it worthwhile – such as an external digital-to-analog USB (DAC) converter. There are many questions about compatibility that still need to be answered. Expect to hear from you soon. Continue reading.

The future is bendy.

The Morning After

Samsung Display

At Display Week 2021, Samsung Display showcased concepts such as a dual-fold OLED panel and a Slidable OLED display that extends horizontally. For larger flexible devices, it also had a 17-inch folding panel. Finally, it showcased a laptop concept with a camera under the screen that could help get rid of the bugs forever – as long as you don’t need to put a cover on it. Continue reading.

Anything you can do, I can do … in a similar way.

The Morning After


Around the same time Apple Music a lossless streaming option, Amazon has made its own available to Music Unlimited subscribers at no extra cost. To Amazon’s credit, their updated service works in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Italy and Spain. That includes 70 million songs in high definition, more than seven million in Ultra HD and “a rapidly growing catalog of , including mixed songs in Dolby Atmos and “, According to Amazon. Continue reading.

The independent company could do a better job competing with Netflix and the rest.

AT&T has acquired WarnerMedia as part of its $ 109 billion deal in 2018. At the time, the telecommunications company said the deal was a “perfect match” that would link top-tier content with AT&T’s remote distribution network. Now WarnerMedia is teaming up with Discovery in a $ 43 billion deal to form a standalone company.

The new company will have Discovery president and CEO David Zaslav as its new boss, and Jason Kilar, WarnerMedia boss, negotiating its exit. One thing to keep in mind is Warner Bros. gaming studios, as they are said to be splitting because of the deal, some staying at AT&T and others heading towards the new venture. Continue reading.

Pay attention to what you promise.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles appears to be actively investigating Tesla over CEO Elon Musk’s bold statements about his company’s Full-Self-Driving (FSD) technology. This comes just a week after Tesla engineers privately admitted to the DMV that Musk had exaggerated the FSD system’s capabilities on social media.

The FSD is a $ 10,000 option for Tesla models and promises to do everything from change lanes in highway traffic and take exits from it to stop independently at traffic lights and signs. However, this does not make them “completely” autonomous. Continue reading.

There will also be boss battles.

The Next Morning


Before the release Mario Golf: Super Rush next month, Nintendo has revealed a bit more about what to expect from the game, including speed golf mode. You and up to four friends will play at the same time. Not only will you try to complete a hole with fewer hits than your opponents, you will want to do even faster than them. There will also be a battle royale style speed golf variant called Battle Golf. The encounter takes place in an arena full of obstacles and nine holes. The first golfer to catch three holes, having the lowest stroke count at a given time, will be the winner. The game kicks off on June 25th. Continue reading.

But wait, there’s more …

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