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The Next Morning: Amazon Prime Day 2021 part

It’s Amazon Prime Day, and the consumer business day has already begun. There are your usual suspects, including a lot of Amazon hardware, Instant vases and headphones. The usual First Day rules apply. It’s a great opportunity to save money on things you’ve already planned to buy – yes, I’m looking into over-ear headphones – but the sea of ​​other offers available on Amazon (and at other retailers) is built for multiple purchases and distractions. We have a team of editors working to highlight the most outstanding offerings available today. The best way to keep track would be through our Twitter offers: .

So far the biggest surprise may be the lower prices of use on many Apple hardware and accessories, including AirPods and Apple Watch.

And if you can’t stand Prime Day? Don’t worry, everything will be over soon, and we’ll have some news to distract you from the sales distractions.

– Mat Smith

A good deal for wireless headphones that have added value.

Amazon sells Apple’s real wireless headphones for $ 190, a whopping $ 60 below the official price. It’s one of the lowest prices we’ve seen outside of Black Friday. They are the most beautiful Apple headphones, which offer strong active noise cancellation, a comfortable fit and a friendly water resistance for training. In recent times, Apple has also added Space audio in movies and Apple Music, which offers you a level of immersion still rare in wireless headphones. The only thing that can give you pause is that we expect Apple to reveal its next-generation sprouts relatively soon. However, the next-generation AirPod could be more economical than the Pro model, even at this discounted price. Oh, and the original AirPods are. Continue reading.

GAN Theft Auto is based on NVIDIA’s GameGAN neural network.

Harrison Kinsley / Daniel Kukiela

On Friday, YouTuber Harrison Kinsley shared a video showing GAN Theft Auto, a neural network that can generate a playable piece of Grand Theft Auto VThe game world only. The generative adversary network (GAN) is, predictably, quite complex and involves two competing neural networks: a generator and a discriminator. The generator is formed on a sample of data and is said to produce content based on what it has seen. The discriminator compares the generator’s output with the original dataset, “coaching” its counterpart to produce something closer to the source material.

The network models a surprising number of systems from the game, including shadows and reflections. Even the mountains in the distance are approaching, which isn’t something Kinsley necessarily expected AI to do. As it is done by an AI, there is a dreamlike fluidity in the game. Kinsley says there was an example where he saw a police cruiser approaching split in two just as he was about to crash into his car. Look at it all, right here.

It will be a premium feature before launching to all users in the United States.

The Next Morning


YouTube brings a long-awaited feature to its iPhone app: picture-in-picture (PiP). All Premium subscribers will soon have access to the viewer, and YouTube says it plans to enable PiP for all iOS users in the United States. The feature means you can continue to watch the video in a smaller window while browsing other apps.

It’s taken its time: Apple brought PiP to iPhone last year as part of iOS 14. Many video streaming apps already support the feature, including Netflix, Twitch, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Apple TV. Although it has supported PiP on Android since 2018, YouTube had been a notable replacement on iOS. Continue reading.

The telescope is literally in safe mode until the problem is resolved.

NASA a week trying to solve a problem in Hubble’s payload computer. The system crashed on June 13, and the operations team was unsuccessful either in restarting the computer on June 14 or in moving to a backup memory module. This is not the first failure this year. NASA has spent days Hubble in March following a software error on the main flight computer. Continue reading.

It was a beautiful busy and quiet show.

The Next Morning


The first E3-only online officially ended last week, and the complementary Summer Game Fest has just begun. While most of the big players were present, there weren’t many huge announcements, and the biggest revelation of E3 wasn’t even at an official E3 event. That’s all that happened, by the way Elden Ring through to Metroid Dread. Continue reading.

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