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The new season of Star Trek: Lower Decks remains true to the essence of the show.

Below are some spoilers for the Star Trek: Lower Decks season 2 premiere.

First season Lower decks was a pleasant surprise to many in Star Trek fandom. What many people have written off as Family man– or Rick and Morty-The track proved to be a helpful love letter to the franchise’s history. It was filled with little humor, of course, but it also showed off characters who genuinely cared about each other and what they were doing. Fortunately, the second season is more similar.

Lower decks takes its name from the seventh season New generation An episode that revolved around the lives of the four warrant officers and the roles they played in a mission fully understood only by the bridge crew. This is generally considered one of the best episodes in the franchise, which meant that anything that was even vaguely mentioned had a lot to match. Fortunately, Lower decks creator and executive producer Mike McMahan was a huge fan with deep knowledge of Trek. He is also the creator @ TNG_S8 a spoof of a Twitter account, and a veteran of animation shows like South Park, Ax cop and yes, Rick and Morty


Self-conceit Lower decks the series was such that the stories would focus on a core group of four warrant officers at USS Cerritos: Beckett Mariner, Brad Boumler, D’Vana Tendy and Sam Rutherford, also known as “Beta Shift.” There was a bridge crew voiced by stars like Jerry O’Connell and Donn Lewis, but their storylines always whether it was what was happening in the background, and the ensigns were not always aware of what was happening to the ship.

Unlike TNG However, in this episode, even the audience was not disclosed, and the ensigns were even forced to testify on behalf of their commanders at an inexplicable trial. (It turned out to be a party in honor of senior officers, which confused our heroes even more.)

Pictured is Gillian Wigman as Dr. T'ana, Jerry O'Connell as Commander Ransom, Donn Lewis as Captain Freeman, Paul Scheer as Lieutenant Andy Billups, and Fred Tatasciore as Lieutenant Shaxx from the CBS All Access STAR PATH: LOWER DECKS


This is a great idea for a show that has produced amazing results. But Star Trek doesn’t have a good track record of sticking to the concept. Most shows with TNG started out as one thing and became something else in the course of their runs. All shows are evolving, but the changes to Trek were obvious and focused. Deep space nine was intended to be a “frontier post” -type show featuring the long-term relationship between Starfleet and one of the planets it encountered, Bajor. By the third season, they were given a battleship, and by the fourth season, they brought TNG– Veteran Worf and the War with the Klingon Empire.

Star Trek: Voyager acted on the premise of “what if a Starfleet ship gets lost far from home?” And he certainly stuck with it, but he also continued to operate like any other Starfleet vessel for seven seasons, and the ship remained in surprisingly good condition despite no space docks to repair – which upset writer Ronald D. Moore. and then spurred him on. to create Battlestar galactica reboot (the title ship crashed to the finale). In the end, they also re-established contact with the Federation in later seasons, which muted the whole topic of “being alone in a foreign quadrant.”

Company until the third season was not even called “Star Trek”. Still, while it was a show that promised to show us the early origins of Starfleet and the Federation, the first two seasons got bogged down in the “temporary cold war,” and later episodes featured 24th-century villains like the Borghi. and Ferengi.

Premiere of the latest concept switch Paramount + Track show, Opening… The producers advertised it as the first episode in which the captain was not the main character, and instead the program focused on Commander Michael Burnham. In theory, this sounded great as it could show us a different side of Starfleet. In practice, however, even if Burnham was not the captain, the entire universe seemed to revolve around her anyway: the mysterious “Red Angel” of the second season turned out to be her mother (and her). After that, the show ended up ditching the 23rd century setting, heading back to the 32nd century into a galaxy where the Federation was torn to shreds. At the end of the third season, Burnham still became the captain. So much for anyone Lower decks-Light look at this show.


Second season Lower decks starts off a little shaky in this regard – after the events of the last few episodes, Mariner is now BFF with the captain (who is also her mother) and Boimler is the bridge officer on the bridge. USS Titan… None of them feel like a patchwork outsider anymore. At the very least, Tendy and Rutherford are still pretty minor players, although Tendy is alarmed by the sudden changes in Rutherford’s personality and fears that she might lose his friendship.

The premiere discovers that Mariner has carte blanche for any side missions she wants, and in one of these sanctioned-unauthorized missions, she accidentally transforms First Officer Jack Ransom into a god-like being about to take over the planet. The latter event is at least a fairly standard storyline fiction for Star Trek. Where Lower decks stands alone, as Ransom threatens Cerritos and bumping into his shields, the camera pans over to Tendy attacking Rutherford in the hallway, fearing that his new traits mean he is suffering from a serious illness or that he no longer likes it. The biggest threat to existence is the background color in this scene (literally, as you can see rainbow rays exploding outside the window), while the show prefers to focus on the individual struggles of the two characters.


Towards the end of the episode, Rutherford and Tendy sort things out, and even Mariner returns to his place, the partnership between her and her mother breaks down, and Beckett returns to prison. The only missing piece of this fairytale four is Boymler, and well, he’s not having a good time at Titaniumbecause maybe everything on the bridge is too exciting. Lower decks USS Cerritos still the place to be, with a good start to the second season.

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