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The new Philips Hue app makes it easy to automate your lights


Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, has released a new version of the Hue app that gives you a quick way to control your smart lights. The company has redesigned the Philips Hue app from the floor, starting with the Home tab that now shows all your lights and scenes in Tile view.

You don’t have to go digging if you want to set the brightness, temperature and color of each light or if you want to create and edit presets for groups of them. In addition, you can discover and preview scenes created by Hue’s lighting experts from the card’s new Hue scene gallery. If you have more Hue bridges, the tab will give you the ability to switch between them quickly.



As for the Routine tab, it has been replaced by an Automation tab that offers more advanced options for customization. For Restoration or abandonment of home automation, for example, the app can now check if someone is at home before launching it, thanks to the new multi-user geofencing feature. That way, you won’t turn off all the lights if someone else is in the house when (assuming you’re the one controlling the automation) you leave the house. In addition, Signify has also updated the sunset and sunrise automation, allowing you to choose a specific time for the start of the automation and turn off the lights after its end.

Among the other new features and small improvements that make the app more usable is the ability to add a new light to a Room from the Room tab itself. The redesigned Hue app is now available in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play, and the update will automatically arrive on your device in the coming days.

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