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The Microsoft Teams Together Mode test allows only two people to start a meeting


Amid last year’s pandemic closures, Microsoft launched Mode Together for their Messaging App in the work of the Teams in an effort to help participants feel more connected. To use the mode, a meeting must have at least five participants, but it seems that the technology giant is trying to make it available even for calls with fewer participants. As the first information from The Virgin, people are now able to use the feature for video calls with two participants, as long as they are using the Developer Preview version of the Teams app.

Together Mode uses AI-powered segmentation to put all participants in a meeting in a virtual space. Their goal is to make people feel like they are all sitting in the same room and help them see the nonverbal cues of the other participants. The NBA has given fans a look at what the feature can do to recreate the atmosphere of a packed arena without anyone being there physically.


In December, a few months after implementation, it was he made his way to Skype so that friends and family can use it even for their video calls. Even then, however, it had a minimum of five participants, which probably limited its use. Making it accessible to fewer participants could encourage people to use it more often. Users can switch to Developer Preview by clicking on the ellipse next to their Team Profile screen and going to the About section. However, some organizations may turn off the option, making it unavailable to their staff.

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