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The Marvel Observer is a fan who will do away with all fans


The observer looks through time and space, looming over the city to look at a specific moment in the multiverse.

Screenshot: Disney + / Marvel

Although in every episode Marvel What if set in a different time and space within Large multiverse MCU, the episode as a whole is told from the perspective of the Observer – an all-seeing, all-knowing being who has vowed to observe but never interact with what he sees. io9 recently had the opportunity to chat with the voice that brought to life the famous Marvel Comics animation character Jeffrey Wright to see what we can expect.

Although the Observer What ifnarrator and audience lead through the multiverseThere is much more to this character than just an ominous presence literally looming in the background. Unlike WandaVisionthe newly crowned Scarlet Witch and LokiHe Who Remains, both played active roles in their series, The Observer throughout Disney + animated series… But very similar to Wanda and Kang’s variant, What ifThe Observer is a fan, aficionado of storytelling and people who bring stories to life by simply existing and interacting with each other in unexpected and chaotic ways.

When io9 recently spoke to actor Jeffrey Wright, the star Westworld, Batmanand much more – he explained that while the character has always kept an extreme distance from the heroes and villains of Marvel, “in a sense, he is kind of defined by them,Wright told us. “His passion in life is to watch them and communicate with them – with their heroism, with their shortcomings. Without them, in a sense, he is nothing. He adores them, and they force him to a goal and give meaning to his life. “

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Screenshot: Disney + / Marvel


What Lokiwith The Observer believes that TVA is considering the events of the Nexus that need to be eradicated in order to prevent the emergence of a new multiverse. as exciting opportunities for a brighter future, different from what he loved, but fundamentally similar to him. From Wright’s perspective, the Observer is not so much an impartial observer as an active admirer. as well as What ifaudience. “In a way, I think that the passion of the fans for these characters [comes from] this level of trust, understanding and hope, imbued in them in a way that may not be found outside of this mythology, ”Wright said. “I think the depth of this connection is of great importance for the fans as well as for the Observer.”

Because Wright’s Observer isn’t the first to appear in the MCU. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2), and because What ifall the stories are canon, it goes without saying that the Observer from the series (Uatu) may at some point resurrect in the flesh, especially with the multiverse about to become something of a mess. While Wright couldn’t say if there was any discussion about him reprising his role in the future, he didn’t rule out the possibility either. “What if has a lot to do with the idea that anything is possible, so that’s a reasonable question, ”Wright said. “I think the answer to this question is what if?”

What if will be released on Disney + on August 11.

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