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‘The Last Man’ Is Officially Dead, Showrunner Says

Ben Schnetzer as Yorick in FX on the Hulu series Y: The Last Man.

Image: FX on Hulu

Back in October, FX on Hulu was cancelled. Y: Last man just a few weeks before the end of the first season. In the post-apocalyptic series based on the 2005 comic Vertigo by Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra, Ben Schnetzer plays Yorick, the last surviving cis male on the planet. and his pet monkey as they travel across the new world and stumble upon different pockets of survivors. Showrunner Eliza Clarke then said she would do her best to buy liked the show well other networks or streamers and get a second season (or five). “We know that someone else will be very lucky with this story,” she said back in October.

Unfortunately, it appears that these plans never came to fruition. On Friday afternoon, Clarke confirmed on Twitter that despite her best efforts, the show will not continue with a new season. “Rescheduling a show is always incredibly difficult,” she wrote, “and it’s only gotten harder in recent years… But sadly, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.” In her thread, Clarke said that the second season’s delivery was “cool” and would include some twists and turns in the best post-apocalyptic comic book stories. Astronauts, anyone?

D was in development for for a long time, from the original film to numerous creative clashes, reworks and rights changes. FX only started developing the show in 2019, but it took a long time to get it done, so the network decided to take the show offline.

While the show won’t continue and she was “pretty badly” hit, admittedly, by the harsh cancellation, Clarke is still grateful for being able to tell Yorick’s story, however brief. “I need to adapt my favorite comic,” she wrote. “I should have a show on TV… I hope you still watch this show. That you’re still going to tell your friends to watch it.”

You can watch the short-lived Y: Last man on FX on Hulu. Who knows, in this age of properties suddenly returningmaybe someday we’ll see more of Yorick and Agent 355.

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