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The Italian museum uses cameras to measure the attractiveness of the art


We have seen augmented reality bring art to the open air, but Italian museums now use cameras to measure the attractiveness of paintings instead. The country’s agency for R&D has developed a new system that can measure how long you look and how close you get to a work of art. ENEA cameras are placed in the vicinity of works of art to collect data on the number of observers and their behavior while looking at the pieces. The information gathered defines the “attraction value” of works of art, the researchers said. Bloomberg.

More broadly, the so-called ShareArt system is considered as a way to reinvigorate visitors to museums and galleries after a period of disruptive blockchain. It could finally be used to give certain works more importance in a harvest. The data could also result in changes to the staging of a piece, including how paintings and sculptures are illuminated and placed in relation to each other.



Although it dates back to 2016, museums such as the Istituzione Bologna Musei have recently begun deploying the ShareArt system, note Bloomberg. Thanks to technology, researchers are already gaining an amazing insight into how we perceive and interact with art. They found that the average time to observe art is only four to five seconds, with very few pieces capturing the attention of visitors for more than 15 seconds. They added that if mask restrictions are abandoned, the system will be able to track facial observations without compromising privacy, allowing the team to monitor cognitive reactions.

The ShareArt tool is the latest example of fusing art with technology. At the other end of the spectrum, machine learning systems already mimic the styles of famous painters and dream their own psychedelic works. While AR-powered smartphone apps have put entire displays in our pockets.

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