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The Eero 6 WiFi router is 35 percent off before Prime Day

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We are two weeks away First day 2021 but Amazon has already started rolling out some of its devices. It’s new Eero 6 WiFi Router it dropped to a new record high of $ 83 for a single package – that’s $ 46 off the regular price and $ 20 less than its $ 103 low. U 3-pack, which includes a router and two extenders, is also on sale for $ 181, which is $ 98 off its normal price and also a new minimum. Since these are part of a promotion of the First Prime in smart home devices, you must be a Prime member to get sales prices.

Buy Eero 6 on Amazon – $ 83 Buy Eero 6 (3-pack) on Amazon – $ 181

Networking systems like Eero 6 use a main router and various extenders to provide coverage throughout your home. Amazon came out with the Eero 6 and Pro 6 to the end of last year – both support WiFi 6 and share an uncomplicated installation process. They also have an integrated Zigbee smart home hub, so you can start building a network of smart lights, locks, appliances and even more without buying a separate device to connect them all.

The main differences between the Eero 6 and the Pro 6 are in strength of coverage and area. The Eero 6 supports dual-band WiFi and a router will cover up to 1,500 square feet (with the 3 package, you’ll get up to 5,000 square feet of coverage). The Eero Pro 6 supports tri-band WiFi and covers up to 2,000 square feet with a single router, making it better for larger cases.

Also part of Amazon’s pre-Prime Day smart home sales are Blink security cameras. First members can attack a Blink Outdoor camera kit for $ 60 now and that’s $ 40 of its normal price and a new minimum. These small, square cameras can be placed indoors or outdoors thanks to their weather-resistant design and have no wires to drain thanks to their replaceable batteries that last up to two years with a single charge. .

Buy the Blink Outdoor Kit on Amazon – $ 60 Buy Blink Mini on Amazon – $ 20 Buy the new package Echo Show 5 + 2 Blink Outdoor cameras on Amazon – $ 115

In addition, u Palpicciu Mini, A smaller, wired version that was designed only for indoor use, has dropped to $ 20. And for those who have seen the new Echo Show 5, Amazon has one beam which includes two Blink Outdoor cameras with a new Echo Show 5 for $ 115. You have to wait a few more days for the ship, however, like the new Echo Show 5 officially comes out on June 9th.

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