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The best Father’s Day gifts for new dads


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It’s hard to be a new parent even during the most idyllic times. And in 2021, while we still deal with a global pandemic and a host of other problems, it feels tougher than ever. So what can you do to help? What do you think of giving a new dad something to make his life a little easier. Maybe they just need a breather from the hell of diapers and sleep training. Or maybe they want a better way to distract their screaming spawn. Here are some options to consider.

10.2-inch iPad


Apple’s entry-level iPad it is one of the most useful devices for every new parent. It can be your child’s front door to video chat with their grandparents or grandparents, or a life-saving distraction during long car rides. It could be a new dad’s way to recapture his favorite show while blocking him from dealing with mealtimes. Or it could be a way for growing children to read interactive stories and play. The iPad can be anything you want it to be. And accompanied by a decent case, he can be resilient enough to survive life with tiny humans. (And if it breaks, at least it’s much more expensive to replace than an iPad Air, or a typical laptop.)

Buy 10.2-inch iPad on Amazon – $ 329

Jabra Elite 85t headphones

Jabra Elite 85t headphones sit on a few books.


There is no doubt that we love Jabra’s line of wireless headphones. The last model, the Elite 85t, offers solid active noise cancellation, a slim and light design, and excellent sound. And best of all, they cost about $ 180 – much less than Apple’s AirPods Pro. No matter what smartphone you have, the 85t is a great way to retrieve podcasts while trying to shake a child to sleep. And they will be even more useful during the short downtime for new parents. They’re perfect for popping up on your favorite tunes, or pairing them on your TV or in the set-top box to enjoy late-night movies without making so much noise.

Buy Jabra Elite 85t on Amazon – $ 230

SmartNoggin Nogginstik

The SmartNoggin Nogginstick game for kids.


This sounds relatively good it is deceptively useful. It has a lighted face to keep the kids interested, lots of textures for them to explore, and a deep mirror for them to learn their faces. It was a secret weapon during my son’s first year of school, to such an extent that I gave it to all the new parents I know. It’s not high technology, but it’s a reminder that they are called classics for a reason.

Buy Nogginstik on Amazon – $ 23

Sonos Roam

A white Sonos Roam speaker placed on an external projection.


The most portable speaker from Sonos it’s an excellent choice for new parents, above all if they have already bought into the Sonos ecosystem. It’s small enough to fit in a bag, giving new parents a way to play some tunes during a picnic. It is based on Bluetooth, so virtually any device can connect to it. But the best part is that it also works on Wi-Fi with an existing Sonos configuration. So, if you start playing some songs on your bigger Sonos speakers, you can easily switch that one to Roam and bring it to your backyard. And since it’s from a brand that is known for excellent sound quality, you can expect everything to be much richer than any cheap Bluetooth speaker options.

Buy Roam in Sonos – $ 170

Apple Watch Series 6

A picture of Apple Watch Series 6 with two watches intertwined on the bracelet.


U Apple Watch it’s good for working out – but it can also be a secret weapon for new parents. It’s a simple way to keep tabs on texts and other notifications when your hands are full with a child or a child-related ephemeral. It allows you to start and stop podcasts when you can’t reach your phone. And – here’s the kicker – it’s also a perfect way to distract youngsters and de-escalate party screams. It turns out, having a small wrist screen that can display photos is quite useful! And it’s also a relatively safe device for kids to fiddle with, thanks to its touchscreen. (Of course, you can take your pick of any smartwatch in competition for Android users, but we recommend Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.)


Buy Apple Watch Series 6 on Amazon – $ 399

GoPro Hero9 Black

GoPro Hero9 Black


Action cameras are great for holidays and high-impact sports, but they can be just as useful for new parents. It’s the kind of thing you can wear on a hat when you go out for a light hike with a little one, or just let it run in your backyard to catch your first steps. Of course, we all have smartphone cameras, but it’s hard to leave those running for extended periods, and they’re always a little distracting if you’re dealing with a child. A room like a Hero9 Blackinstead, it’s something you can just put away, forget about, and discover little video treasures later.

Buy Hero9 Black at GoPro – $ 350

Theragun Mini

Someone using the Theragun Mini on his elbow.


Following up with a new baby can lead to pain and muscles that the dad never knew he had. U Theragun Mini can give them the opportunity to do a massage without leaving home. While there are much larger and more powerful Theragun machines, the Mini is a good size for beginners and those who want to take their muscle lifting power wherever they go. It has a single button that dad can use to change the speed of the massage gun and its ergonomic design facilitates access to different parts of the body. And without a doubt the best part is its battery life of 150 minutes – while that may not seem like much, it’s really when you consider the fact that you don’t need to use it for more than a few minutes each day to hear the results. . With that program, Dad could use the Theragun Mini every day for a month or more before he needed to recharge it.

Buy Theragun Mini on Amazon – $ 199

Comixology gift card

Promotional image for Comixology service.


It’s hard to keep up with comics when the kids are around, but Comixology makes it easy to find your favorite versions. If you know a black comedian who is eager to see what the X-Men are doing, or who just wants to get back on top of long-running graphic novel series, it’s worth sending them a Comixology gift card. It’s particularly useful for anyone who has a decent iPad or Android tablet. Unsurprisingly, bright and portable screens are one of the best ways to appreciate comic art!

Buy a Comixology gift card starting at $ 10

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Game Controller

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Game Controller

Fisher Price

A perfect gift for any gamer dad in your life, u Ride and Learn Controller it’s basically a child-proof version of a modern gamepad. There’s a joystick, directional pad, and a set of buttons for kids to fiddle with. But like any good toy that distracts, it also lights up and makes you play to keep you entertained. It’s not exactly complex, but it’s economical and effective. This is particularly true for parents of children who are still gravitating towards their expensive console controllers.

Buy Laughter and Learn Controller on Amazon – $ 10

Tumbler insulated Greens Steel

Insulated Tumbler Greens Steel Beast

Green Steel

Coffee, tea or another caffeinated beverage is an essential factor for many new dads and Greens Steel Insulated Tumblers it can keep its food of choice hot or cold for hours. While we all appreciate that luxury, it’s particularly important for parents who often find themselves sipping lukewarm hours of coffee after making their first cup because they are distracted by children’s homework. These cups are made of 18/8 grade steel and have a double-walled vacuum cleaner that maintains temperatures for up to 12 hours. And regardless of what size you carry (20-, 30-, or 40-ounce) they all fit standard-sized cup holders, so dad can bring his drink with him when he goes out for an emergency diaper refill.

Buy the Greens Steel tumbler on Amazon – $ 23

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