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The best anti-Prime Day deals: Sales at Best Buy, Walmart, Target and others

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Most Amazon Prime Day deals can only be for Prime members, but the day is no longer just for Amazon members. The evolution of Prime Day over the years has generated competing sales events from Amazon’s biggest competitors such as Walmart, Objective and Best Buy. In addition to having exclusive sales that Amazon might not have, these retailers often share some of Prime Day’s biggest deals – giving anyone the opportunity to grab them. If you want to save some money, but don’t want to contribute to the machine that is Amazon, we’ve collected here the best anti-Prime Day deals so you don’t want to go looking for them for you.

Google Nest Audio – $ 75


Google Audio Nest Smart speaker has dropped to $ 75 across the web, which is $ 25 of its normal price. We gave it a go score of 87 for its great audio quality, minimalist design, stereo sound capabilities and Google Assistant speakers.

Buy Nest Audio at Best Buy – $ 75 Buy Nest Audio at Walmart – $ 75 Buy Nest Audio at Target – $ 75

Nest Hub – $ 80

Google Nest Hub 2021 (second generation) photos.  Picture of Google's newest smart display on a bedside table.

Cherylnn Low / Engadget

The last one Nest Hub it has dropped to $ 80, or $ 20 from its normal price. This model was released just a few months ago and includes a new sleep tracking feature. We liked it its faster performance, clearer and louder audio and its subdued and pleasing design. If you’re looking to build a smart home system, eBay has it Nest Hub with Nest Hello Doorbell for $ 189 as well.

Buy Nest Hub (2nd gen) at Best Buy – $ 80 Buy Nest Hub (2nd gen) at Walmart – $ 80 Buy Nest Hub (2nd gen) in B&H Photo – $ 80 Buy Nest Hub (2nd gen) at Target – $ 80 Buy Nest Hub with Nest Doorbell on eBay – $ 189

40-inch Hisense Roku Smart TV – $ 178

Hisense Roku TV


This 40-inch Hisense TV it’s $ 50 off Walmart, bringing it to $ 178. Hisense puts together solid budgets that are good options for college students who want a complete smart TV without spending a lot of money. This model has a 1080p display and Roku’s smart TV interface.

Buy his 40-inch Hisense at Walmart – $ 178

LG CX OLED 4K 4K Smart TV – $ 1,250



My Best Buy members can get it LG CX OLED 4K 4K smart TV for $ 1,250, or $ 250 of its normal price. It’s free to sign up for My Best Buy and it’s worth it to get a little extra cash on all of the reseller’s current sales. OLED sets are the ones to get if you’re interested in having deeper blacks and more vibrant color reproduction, and this model has the LG a9 Gen 3 processor, support for Dolby Vision, Atmos, HDR10 and HLG plus Google Assistant and Amazon integration Alexa.

Buy the 48-inch LG CX OLED at Best Buy – $ 1,250

Google Nest WiFi (pack 2) – $ 189

U Nest WiFi packed with a router and an extension point is up to $ 189, or $ 80 of its normal price. We gave this mesh system a score of 84 for its discreet design, simple installation process and integrated smart speaker capabilities.

Buy Nest WiFi (pack 2) at Walmart – $ 189

Google Pixel Buds – $ 99

Google Pixel Buds Review

Billy Steele / Engadget

Google Pixel Buds they are on sale for $ 99, which is $ 80 less than normal. We gave these sprouts a score of 83 for its well-designed design, reliable tactile controls, good audio quality and improved Google Assistant features.

Buy Pixel Buds at Walmart – $ 99

Beats Solo Pro – $ 149

Beats Solo Pro

Billy Steele / Engadget

U Beats Solo Pro are back on sale, this time for a record low of $ 149. We liked it these cans to the ear for their excellent sound quality, good ANC and hands-free Siri capabilities.

Buy Beats Solo Pro at Walmart – $ 149

Galaxy Chromebook 2 – $ 449

Portable Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 with its open cover placed on a wooden table.


Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 it’s on sale for $ 449 at Best Buy, or $ 599 for the updated Core i3 model. While not an all-time low, it’s still a good sale on a much improved Chromebook. We gave this version a score of 82 for its impressive screen, good keyboard, loud speakers and solid performance.

Buy Galaxy Chromebook 2 at Best Buy – $ 449

Roku Streaming Stick + – $ 39

Roku Streaming Stick + media streamer.

Will Lipman Photography by Engadget

U Roku Streaming Stick + it’s $ 10 off now, bringing it to $ 39. Consider that this is the and the best all-around streaming stick for most people thanks to its ease of installation, simple on-screen interface, a wide variety of supported streaming services and its convenient private listening experience.

Buy Streaming Stick + at Best Buy – $ 39 Buy Streaming Stick + at Walmart – $ 39

Roku Ultra – $ 70

Roku Ultra


The last one Roku Ultra it dropped to $ 70, or $ 30 from its normal price. This is the most powerful Roku set-top box you can get, and it supports 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision streaming, plus a handy voice remote that makes searching for content easier.

Buy Roku Ultra at Best Buy – $ 70 Buy Roku Ultra at Walmart – $ 70

Webcam Logitech C920s Pro HD – $ 50

Webcam Logitech C920 HD Pro cropped up on a computer monitor with dashboards hanging from the back wall.

Valentina Palladino / Engadget

Our current favorite webcam, u Logitech C920s Pro HD, is $ 20 off Target, bringing it to $ 50. This is remarkable not only for the savings, but because the webcam is actually in stock. This will increase the quality of your video conferencing with 1080p / 30fps video and we like its adjustable base and the lens coverage included for more privacy.

Buy C920s Pro HD at Target – $ 50

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential – $ 30

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

Nicole Lee / Engadget

U Lenovo Smart Clock Essential it dropped to $ 30, or $ 20 from its normal price. This little watch welcomes the Google Assistant, which makes it a little smarter than your average alarm clock. We gave it a go score of 83 for its simple design, tap-to-snooze function, integrated night light and good smart home controls.

Buy Smart Clock Essential at Best Buy – $ 30

Philips Hue White and Color Lightstrip Basic Kit – $ 60

Philips Hue White and Color Lightstrip base kit


Those looking to build their own smart lighting system at home can achieve this Philips Hue Lightstrip Kit for $ 60 at Target, or $ 20 off its normal price. It includes an 80-inch white and color strip plus the power adapter and a connector box to reattach the cut pieces. As long as you have a Hue bridge at home, you can use this strip and do things like control it with your voice with your favorite virtual assistant.

Buy the basic Lightstrip kit at Target – $ 60

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