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The Animated Series, Leon and Lilly

The lively champion Leon of the Galar region unbends before the big battle.

Screenshot: Pokemon Company

At any given time Pokemon The company has been working hard to create various projects designed to remind the world that the franchise has completely contained people’s nostalgia for childhood for almost three decades. This year’s celebration Pokemon25th anniversary marked with new games, cards and renewed madness for Pokémon merchandisebut there is even more to come.

Today cthe company announced Pokémon Evolutions—another new, upcoming episodic series set in the Pokémon world. Unlike Netflix live action adaptation, Pokemon Evolution will be animated, and the eight-part the mini-series will highlight a number of important points from all history of the franchise. New trailer for Evolution reintroduces characters like Leon and Lilly as they encounter a host of legendary Pokémon like Eternatus, Kyogre, and Groudon. Besides the stories focused on people, Evolution will also follow the life of Pikachu, traveling from region to region and meeting different people.

Tonally, Pokemon Evolution seems to have retained the form of previous miniseries such as Pokemon Origins, Pokemon pokemon, and Pokemon: Hell Wings, all of which were set outside the continuity of the main animated series. If Evolution‘the sequence of actions and production values ​​are no different from their predecessors, it will be a bold dynamic showcase of classic creatures and plot twists. from games everything is superbly brought to life.

WITH Pokemon company With so many flashback miniseries that, at least aesthetically, read a little more mature and action-oriented, it’s interesting to consider whether Evolution Maybe direction sign the franchise may wander in the near future. Pokemon Evolution begins to air on the official Pokemon Youtube channel and Pokemon Television 9 September.

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