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The Amazon Comic-Con @ Home panel will feature ‘The Wheel of Time’ and ‘Evangelion’


Like many events in person, the Geek Mecca Comic-Con has been shaken by the pandemic. For most accounts, the decision to move on to virtual conference backfired as social media activities fell by more than 90 percent. Cosplaying on the bed is clearly not as rewarding as it would be with 6,500 passionate fans under one roof. With great guns Marvel Studios and DC Films have already chosen jump This year Comic-Con @ Home, the event needs all the support it can get. One company that didn’t give up on the conference is Amazon.

Peru second year in a row, hosts a talented online panel from some of its greatest shows and films. You can watch the action on the San Diego Comic-Con official’s website YouTube channels starting at 2PM ET on July 23rd.


This year’s line features a mix of women-led fantasy, highly successful anime, teen slasher and crime. The first is The Wheel of Time, a series adaptation of Robert Jordan’s best-selling novels about a clan of female magicians starring Rosamund Pike. Amazon will hope the show is more Shadow and Bone ca. In Nevers. Neon Genesis creator Evangelion Hideaki Anno will also be present to discuss the final chapter in the saga of the movie Rebuild, Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0 Three times at a time.

To take advantage of the revival of 90s slashers started by Netflix Via Paura trilogy, Amazon trots its modern spin I know what you did last summer, with a fresh-faced cast of sacrificial lambs. This year’s event will also see Amazon showcase the content of its streaming service that isn’t called Prime Video. As such, cast members from IMDb TV Leverage: Redemption will be on hand to discuss the return of the crime series.

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