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The 14 best and 9 worst sci-fi and fantasy films of 2021

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We don’t write too many documentaries at io9, but Forest darkness and enchanted days is such an achievement – not to mention that it is very relevant to the horror-obsessed people of ours, Blood on Satan’s claws, the lovers of the senses – that not only deserves coverage, but also ranks on our top list. Written and directed by genre expert Kir-La Janisse, this 3-hour documentary explores the origins of folk horror in fairy tales, ballads and other sources. Carefully edited video clips (you’ll want to make a list of things to watch after you finish the document) and interviews with directors, scholars, historians and others bring context to a vast but specific genre that draws on our fears and fascination with ancient rituals. pagan relics, dusty spell books, and the idea that “old customs” are just waiting for their chance to return and take over.

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