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Tesla is starting to launch its long-delayed 9 beta version of Full Self Driving

Tesla has only provided one of the biggest upgrades to its Full Self Driving software in a long time. The Virgin report that Tesla is spreading FSD beta version 9 for users of the Prime Access Program, and it is an important update. It’s not full autonomy, despite the usual name, but it is allows numerous Autopilot drivers assist off-highway (such as road changes and turns) carrying out many repairs. You’ll also see revamped displays that offer “additional surrounding information” and otherwise give a better sense of what the car is seeing.

The update simultaneously reports a recently activated feature that the cabin camera uses for make sure they are careful while Autopilot is engaged. Regardless of the improvements, Musk ordered beta testers to “please be paranoid” and be ready to take the wheel in a moment.

Version 9 has been a long time coming, as well The Virgin noted. Tesla has promised to start activating FSD features in August 2018, and Elon Musk has promised to have “more than a million” cars driving in 2020. Clearly, this has not escaped – even a small beta since October of that year he hasn’t come close to letting you keep your hands off the wheel. This latest version suggests that there is some progress, although it is unlikely that a real autonomous guide will be ready in the near future.

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