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Tag Heuer made a Super Mario-themed smartwatch so why not

Your favorite video game plumber will soon be available on Wear the OS watch. Tag Heuer announced today that he is collaborating with Nintendo to make one Super Mario edition of its Connected smartwatch, featuring “the intrepid, iconic hero” in various schedules and animations. It will be available July 15 for $ 2,150, which is in line with how much the Connected series has cost in the past. One of the highlights here, however, is the use of Mario’s appearance company to encourage wearers to be active and reward them when they move.

According to Tag Heuer, “Mario’s optimistic and active personality will encourage those who wear this smartwatch to enjoy even moving.” But it’s not just about being inspired by just seeing his face on your wrist. The dial of the watch will become “more alive and animated the more the wearer is active.” There is also a “gamification reward system” at play. Mario will greet you with a greeting every morning, and as you move, you will get different animations while touching 25, 50, 75 and 100 percent of your target steps. These animations feature elements known from the Mario universe, such as the Super Mushroom, Pipe, Super Star and Goal Pole. The company says that this idea was inspired by the notion of “Easter eggs,” so it assumes it should treat these animations as such.

Even when you’re not active, the Tag Heuer Connected Super Mario editing interface will remind you of the character. You can choose from a selection of four new watch dials, and it offers not only red and blue themes. The Timekeeping dial, for example, uses “retro elements from the 1985 version of Super Mario Bros. with Mario, all in pixels.” One of the designs features Mario’s hood, while another takes elements of the game and puts them into a rotating animation.

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In addition to the graphics on the screen, the watch itself has Super Mario touch. The buttons, crown logo, and bezel graduation now come in red Super Mario, and you’ll find engraved symbols on the bezel that reflect objects in the game that you’ll see even when you touch your step targets. A letter M is engraved on the buckles and crown, while the words “TAG Heuer x Super Mario Limited Edition” are also carved into the background. The company also offers two interchangeable straps for the new watch: a black leather strap on red rubber and a “matching red perforated rubber sports alternative,” as well as a travel case in – what else – Super Mario red.

Those hardware touches are pretty important since even though Mario’s faces and skins will be available first in this limited edition of the Connected watch, Tag Heuer said that “it’s also being considered to make it available in other editions of TAG Heuer Connected at a later stage. ”

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Since this is a Wear OS device (Tag Heuer did not respond to Engadget’s question about whether this is the existing operating system or whether it will be upgraded to the version co-engineered by Samsung and Google), the rest of the features the watch feels familiar. You can access Google Assistant, get your calendar and time updates, by following the Fit progress on the watch. It will also offer Sports, Golf and Wellness app for best fitness tools.

The Super Mario version of Connected has a 45 mm face and weighs 86 grams (0.18 pounds) with a rubber strap. It’s water resistant up to 5ATM, and Tag Heuer promises that its 430mAh battery can last a whole day.

Tag Heuer makes only 2,000 of these watches, which will be available in select boutiques and to their website in some regions, as of July 15, 2021. At $ 2,150, the special edition costs more than its own counterparts who are not Mario, starting at $ 1,800, but if you’re that hardcore fan, you might be convinced to fork out the money.

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