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Summary of the series “Force Projection” of the 6th episode of the 3rd season of “Space”

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Season Six from Spaciousness is an bursting straight, as Avasarala discovers looming problems on Ceres, Drummer forges a new key alliance, and Rocinante brief crew respite after last week’s big opening is rudely interrupted a certain mister inaros… And some Pet cemetery entered the chat? Let’s get down to Force Projection, it’s going to be hot soon!

Image for an article titled The Expanse: The Ultimate Space Battle Along With Some Explosions From The Past

Traditionally, we open up Laconia for even more drama, seems unrelated to the rest of the sixth season, but since it Spaciousnessmost likely everything will connect together at some point. Still mourning the loss of her bird friend, Kara brushes off her younger brother Xan, who pesters her to play soccer after school. Instead, she returns to a clearing in the forest, where she notices that the broken drone she stole from her parents has been repaired. Then “strange dog“Appears … like the bird, which is somehow alive again. “You fixed it! You fix things! “Kara cries out joyfully and rushes away. But her mood quickly changes when she sees the scene at home: Xan’s motionless, blood-drenched body lies on the couch, and her shocked parents sob. Hmm … someone suspects that “you fix everything” is definitely going back to this development of the plot.

Now that Rocinante put an end to Marco Inaros’ rock-throwing operation, the combined forces of Earth, Moon and Mars are sent to retake Ceres Station, which was briefly under the control of the Free Fleet. But the station – always an important strategic stronghold – is oddly empty and depleted, and Marco and his men are nowhere to be found. MCRN’s Kirino wonders if this is a trap; It looks like Avasarala thinks the same. The search reveals stragglers, including Chief Administrator Niko, who is not very pleased to see the “internal” returning to their “illegal occupation”. But when Avasarala asks her, Belter says she doesn’t know where Marco went or why – that sounds like an honest answer – and advises the Secretary General to “take your people and leave.” And although Niko insists that Marco does not leave Belters who stayed, she also says that Ceres has only three weeks of food and air left – which is why the sprawling and thin UNN fleet does not have the means to provide assistance. Yeah … this is the most definitely trap. “If we do not help this station, we will be responsible for a massive humanitarian crisis,” Avasarala says. “The belt will see us again as the oppressor and Inaros continue to grow in power.”

Also goes to Ceres Rocinantewhere Clarissa, who is still shaking after using her mods, takes her first night shift. She clarifies her relationship with Holden a little, admitting to him that she once used her mods to kill a colleague who was a good friend …Spaciousness showed it in third season… And she still haunts. “Everyone on this ship has something they regret. Including Amos … I considerHolden says, relieving the moment. “You’re in good company.” In the kitchen, Bobby and Amos have a sweet discussion of the terrible food on board. Roshiremembering about Canterbury and their previous lives and planning their activities on Ceres: “They have decent booze and all brothels are unions,” Amos says excitedly.

And we have another nice moment between Naomi and Holden, where she talks about why she froze during Azure Dragon Mission – unsurprisingly, this came from long-standing trauma from her horrific spacewalks in season five – and says she’s embarrassed about what happened. When Holden changes the subject, asking her for help with the data surrounding Barkate a riddle, – smiles Naomi and correctly concludes: “You are trying to distract me by asking me an interesting problem.”

In a less peaceful state: Philip is on board Pella, watches news reports of Belters rioting to protest Marco’s departure from Ceres (Philip is particularly shocked to see a poster with Marco’s face with the word COVARD scrawled on it). Marco, however, is in high spirits and does not seem to be bothered by Rosenfeld’s report of an increase in the military presence among them inside. He is prepared for a hit-and-run plan should any Free Fleet ships collide with battle groups while gathering supplies for Medina Station. Philip enters, wanting Marco to explain why they left Ceres, declaring it the capital of the Belt. In a patronizing tone, Marco says that he knew they could never hold control of Ceres – he just needed people to believe they could. “I told people what they needed to hear when they needed to hear it,” he says; It seems that Avasarala’s assessment that he deliberately created a humanitarian crisis to combat the enemy is 100% correct. He also hints that the belters, who have served inland on Ceres all their lives, are a class below the belters like him and Philip. “You and I should be here in the dark, in battle,” he tells his son. They hug, but there is still concern between them.

Image for an article titled The Expanse: The Ultimate Space Battle Along With Some Explosions From The Past

Image: Amazon Studios

On board Tynan, Drummer and Walker chew on former OPA ships that could help them target Marco’s secret supply depots. She wonders why he has warehouses at all, and Walker says she’s not sure either: “You tell me. Strategy for Generals “. Nearby Michio is watching a news interview with … hey, season three again! This Pastor Anna (Elizabeth Mitchell) Talking about the ongoing aftermath of the disaster on Earth, we will soon learn that this is one of Monica Stewart’s missions for Avasaral. “Poor, poor Earthling,” Josep grins. “She doesn’t know where she can get food and water. Welcome to the Belt. ” Michio disagrees – she doesn’t think anyone should be treated the same way as belters – and they argue loudly enough to get Drummer’s attention.

And then we move on to juice. V Pella picks up a lone ship nearby and enjoyed Marco can’t believe who it is (one must love the sinister way he draws out his words Ro-ze-nan-tai). Rosenfeld tries to dissuade him while Philip is quietly worried in the corner, but Marco cannot be argued: “You should learn to recognize the opportunity when it presents itself!” Everyone is heading towards their combat positions, including Philip, who is in control of the weapon.

In the next scene, we get another callback from last season. Amos and Bobby are repairing her armor (sarcastic favorite name of the week: “sweet buns”) when Amos receives a message sent through secret channels … from his best friend, Prax! After telling Amos that a scientist in his laboratory was killed by the Free Fleet, ostensibly because they suspected she was a spy, he says they have discovered a new yeast strain that could help restore food supplies. “You know people in power,” Prax says, before pleading with Amos to share the data with Earth. “Chrissy will know what to do about it,” Amos mutters as he sends the letter. “The old lady loves it when you call her that,” Bobby replies. “At least I say it to her face,” he grins.

Elsewhere on Roshi, Naomi made a small breakthrough with Barkate data: she found a sample for ships that disappeared during their transit through the Ringworld. They occur in groups, and as soon as the ship “falls” into the opened hole, the ship disappears, and soon after that the hole itself disappears. Holden says he knows someone who could help figure this out … but before we figure out who it might be, we need to warn you: Pella (plus two Marco Other large artillery ships) rush straight to Roshi… “Everybody is dressing and buckling up, it’s about to work hot! “

Of course, before we get to the heat, we must patiently wait out another scene on Ceres, in which Monica and her camera peephole are filming the IUU soldiers, some of whom are better set up than others, doing the job of helping the Belters. She leaves to talk to an elderly Belter stroking an orange cat when a series of huge explosions occurs at the station. Maybe a parting gift from Marco?

And if we talk about you-know-who, then Pella there is a rocket lock on Rocinante… Shiiiiiiit! (Literally what I was shouting at that moment on the screen.) Philip fires a shot, but luckily Roshiknows how to defend. However, as Holden aptly guesses, “we’re not in our weight class here.” It will take some tricky maneuvering from now on, although Roshi catches a break when two ships sailing with Pella leave the battle. Philip shoots again and Rosie suddenly needs a little urgent repair. “In the middle of a fight?” Clarissa says incredulously. “This is work, Peaches,” Amos replies, and they run off to get busy, even when Roshi turns over and somersaults. Bobby aims, shoots and notices Pella dodges in the same direction each time. Her next shot doesn’t miss. Marco is a sit-down duck, at least temporarily, and Bobby is ready to put an end to it, but Holden hesitates. “Marco is better as a prisoner,” he says, but adds, “If that doesn’t work, shoot.”

A video link has been established, which means we’ll see Marco and Holden looking at each other (this is the first time they actually “met” if I’m not mistaken), as well as Marco leaning over him very carefully. that Holden (and Naomi) can see Naomi’s twin son sitting next to him. “I’ll die before I survive on your leash,” Marco growls. That’s all Bobby needs to hear, but when she fires again, the killing shot … doesn’t work? Can’t have anything to do with what Holden turned on on his wrist controller at the last second, can it? (Yes, as we shall soon see; invisible to all, but forever preserved in Roshithe warhead was reportedly defused by Holden J.)

Fortunately, Pella leaves the battle and is carried away. (“Did we win?” Amos asks. “No,” Bobby replies. “But at least we didn’t lose.”) Pella is in bad shape and Marco is angry with everyone, including Philip, who protests that he did exactly what his father said. “You failed, ”Philip barked in front of everyone. “It’s your fault. We didn’t need to be here. We didn’t need to be involved in this fight. We no need to kill James Holden. ” Outraged Marco orders him to go down from the deck, but Philip is not mistaken, and Rosenfeld knows this from the expression on her face. But suddenly Marco gets some good news to turn around his bad, very bad day: a message from Medina regarding something top secret received at the gates of Laconia. V Laconia gate, you say? Oh shit. We see this on Marco’s screen and – maybe this is some kind of completely new stealth ship, built using the technology of protomolecules? Oh shit. The dots begin to converge … and somehow we’re already halfway there SpaciousnessThe last season.

Spaciousness airs new episodes on Fridays on Amazon Prime.

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