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Suicide Squad movie gag video – 4 minutes of fun

This job has its advantages.

This job has its advantages.
Image: Warner Brazzers.

If there’s a better afternoon treat than a director’s four-minute gag James Gunnwonderfully evil Suicide squadmost likely we won’t get it today. One funny warning though – this gagged reel may actually gag you, depending on how you feel after James’s brother Sean frantically licks the window when Weasel

Seriously, this has everything you want in a gagged reel. Failed lines. The actors laugh. Technical difficulites. People are falling. Silly and / or dirty improvisation by comedians like Javelin actor Fluula Borg. Profanity. The animals are spiraling out of control, in this case to Margot Robbie’s panicky hilarity. See how absurd the filming of the film really was, especially CG characters like Weasel and the Shark King (physically played by Steve Agee), before CGI was added. Great nut shot, courtesy of Elba, who accidentally threw a pistol at David Pakh Dastmalchyan. And, of course, everyone’s favorite pastime: John Cena sucks a severed finger.

For some reason, what makes me happy the most is Michael Rooker laughing so hard he can barely get a few words out while wearing this incomprehensibly blunt Savant wig. My second favorite part is how Warner Bros. felt it necessary to drown out the dirty words from the cutscene for the extremely high R-rated movie, including the dialogues (which were also written by James Gunn).

Suicide squadwhich also stars Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman, Peter Capaldi, Daniela Melchior, Alice Braga, Jay Courtney, Pete Davidson, Nathan Fillion and many more, is unfortunately no longer broadcast on HBO Max as he left the streaming service on September 5. and it won’t be available on Blu-ray until October 26th. But you can still rent it from Amazon or iTunes for the hefty $ 24.99.

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