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Starbucks teams up with Amazon to open a cashier-less cafe in New York

New Starbucks concept store in New York

Image: Starbucks

As part of its plan to penetrate all corners of the retail market, Amazon is now partnering with Starbucks to open a new no-cash cafe in New York. From about 30,000 locations, the coffee franchise introduces an opportunity for Amazon cameras payment system to see exponential growth in case of pilot success.

A new Starbucks and Amazon concept store, located on 59th Street between Park and Lex, is opening its doors today to try out a more futuristic and convenient way to “integrate the digital and physical retail experience.” Okay, but what does this actually mean when it comes to buying a drink or a snack?

In his Press releaseStarbucks says customers can order drinks using their phone or other mobile device on the Starbucks app and picking 59th place between Park & ​​Lex w / Amazon Go. Now, this is not much different from what you can do in a regular Starbucks store, however, as soon as you arrive, you will be greeted by a screen that displays all current mobile orders, after which you can collect your drink from the Starbucks barista. …

New Starbucks concept store in New York

This is where you scan your phone, credit card, or palm to enter a store lobby or Amazon Go marketplace.
Image: Starbucks

As for Amazon’s role in the new concept store, for people who want something else that isn’t on the Starbucks menu, the store also has a lounge area connected to the Amazon Go marketplace that people can enter by flashing a QR code from Amazon apps. your credit card or their palm go through the gate. Once inside, Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology uses cameras mounted in the store’s ceiling to observe and track what items you collect and buy, before deducting the value of your items from your account when you leave.

And despite the quirky tech, Starbucks says its concept store offers a full Starbucks menu, while Amazon Go offers a “carefully curated assortment of food and drinks,” including fresh salads, sandwiches, baked goods, and more. Ssome specialties are purchased from local eateries such as Genji Sushi, York Street, Proper Foods, Magnolia Bakery, Ess-a-Bagel and more.

New Starbucks concept store in New York

Image: Starbucks

Starbucks says there will also be separate work areas with outlets and USB ports elsewhere inside the store, so if you need a place to study or just recharge your devices, you can do that too.

But no matter which side of the store you enter, there will be no checkout counters or special cashiers to slow you down in case this is a big disappointment in your life. And for New Yorkers who don’t live near 59th Street, Starbucks and Amazon already have plans to open at least three more non-cash Starbucks Pickup and Go with Amazon Go (wow, that’s a mouthful), and a second store is planned. open. New York Times Building at 40th and 8th.

Starbucks Pickup with Amazon Go

Image: Starbucks

While small changes such as a dedicated screen showing which orders are ready make a lot of sense for Starbucks pick-up points, the concept store’s continued expansion of Amazon’s Cashierless Just Walk Out technology, which has been pioneered in several Convenience stores Amazon Go before using in a full grocery store and the joint cafes are now working in tandem with Starbucks.

And with Starbucks looking at its new concept store as a “modernized third-place environment” where people can meet and socialize outside the home or office, it is likely that Starbucks cashless cafes will soon expand outside of New York.

Meanwhile, for Amazon, this partnership with Starbucks represents another opportunity for the e-commerce giant to further expand its retail presence and collect even more data on customer shopping habits. Watch your back, Starbucks. Amazon likes to collect data on the business of their partners before plunging the knife.

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