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Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Rare item on eBay

A blue and orange droid sits on a pedestal, part of a scene in the Galactic Starcruiser.

Screenshot: Disney/Lucasfilm

It’s only been a few days since Disney generously priced star Wars Galactic Starship Attraction preview for invited media, influencers and guests, but eBay listings are already moving forward for exclusive items from the experience. The announcements for some things even have a schedule for guests who have not yet entered the site. Alcyone ship, but promise to return the goods for sale.

An indication that this may be different from the usual agglomeration of scum and meanness where merchants tend to hang out is that the prices seem to reflect ways to offset the cost of the trip itself, or for those who got the freebie, to perhaps even get on the board again.

The exclusive Galactic Starcruiser Droid Depot SK-620 remote-controlled droid, which sells for around $100, is listed for sale with a starting price of $900 (very surprised beeps). The Starcruiser Halcyon lightsaber hilt starts at $1,200 and up, which is very close to what you could fork out splitting the stay just to sleep in a cozy themed hole in the wall.

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Screenshot: eBay/io9

With experience worth over $5,000Is it really surprising to see these items on the secondary market to perhaps offset the exorbitant cost or fund further future excursions? (Or just, you know, to make easy money?) Call it kind of canon and a theme for an immersive experience given what some of the characters do for a living.

So to speak, Disney It has item restrictions are in place to stop the dark side of eBay’s rampant reseller and reseller market known to make a living from the fandom. For exclusive items bought in AlcyoneOnly two limited edition items with a special mark are allowed to be purchased from the specialty shop per cabin. And on choose Galactic Starship costumes and equipment are only available for purchase using the email linked to the booked booking on board the ship.

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Screenshot: io9/Gizmodo

With a listing of offers at high prices and salehow this trend will affect the merchandising space remains to be seen. Despite paid access, resellers they will not be deterred if they find a way to scalp any scrap star Wars impatient fans who can’t go to Walt Disney World themselves. Remember the metal fiasco space spores in Edge of the Galaxywhen cool themed utensils kept disappearing to the point where they were taken off the ground altogether? There’s a huge difference between this situation and a fan who risks financial hardship for the only opportunity to live. star Wars life decides to win back some money by reselling some of their souvenirs when they get home.

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