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Star Wars, Aliens, Marvel, Jurassic Park.

Image: killcutter

what happens when aliens from aliens attack a tyrannosaurus rex? Or the Predator is watching on some Ewoks? What if Ant-Man climbed on top of the Empire State Building Or does ET have a lightsaber? All these scenarios and more are brought to life by artist Chuck Eyler. aka Killcutter who loves to take collectible figurines and photograph them in breathtaking ways.

If it rings the bell, it’because last year io9 introduced its Black Series version from Hasbro. star Wars line. And they were incredibly cool. Now he’s back, and he’s not just star Warsbut characters from Predator, Jurassic Park, Aliens, Alien, Marvel, and more.

“These types of pop culture mashups are my favorite images to create,” Euler told io9 via email. “It allows me to break free from the rules set by the respective franchises and tell any story my mind can come up with. Basically, I can bring every child’s fantasy to life and see how their favorite characters interact with each other.”

In addition to Black Series figuresfor these images he used action figures from NECA, Marvel Legends, Mattel’s Jurassic Park line, and even a very special Christmas decoration that we won’t ruin right now. “These collages can be a fun way to shatter expectations and make the viewer want to analyze the image a little longer,” he said.

To learn more about Killcutter’s work, you can visit him. Instagramcheck him TiktFinelook process youtube videoor click this slideshow.

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