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Spotify Buy Podz to Help Make Finding Podcasts You Like Easier

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Finding a new podcast that you actually like is easier said than done. It is a task that requires time, effort, and a good portion of your attention. Spotify wants to make this tedious process easier and watch that podcast discovery technology developed by a startup helps its users find and obtain hooked on new shows.

The company announced Thursday that she had acquired the podcast discovery platform Podz, a startup that has developed a so-called “audio news” featuring 60-second clips from various podcasts. Here’s where the technology comes in: Instead of simply playing clips chosen by podcast creators, Podz uses an automatic learning model to select clips of the best moments from shows. This allows users to preview a variety of podcasts in minutes instead of listening to entire 30- or 60-minute shows.

Spotify said that by combining Podz cun its 2.6 million podcast reperroof, Learning from his previous work in music discovery, and current investments in podcast recommendations will allow him take podcast discovery to the next level. Overall, the company argues that it will be easier for users to find shows they like and for podcast creators to build a fan base.

“Spotify has had machine learning experts focused on improving audio discovery for nearly a decade, but there is more work to be done,” the company said in a statement. news announcement. “We believe that Podz’s technology will complement and accelerate Spotify’s focused efforts to guide discovery, convey to listeners the right content at the right time and accelerate the growth of the category worldwide.”

According to TechCrunch, Podz’s machine learning model was formed over 100,000 hours of audio and considered input from journalists and audio editors. Back in February, the informed outlet that Podz had raised $ 2.5 million in pre-seed funding. In addition to receiving investments from venture capital firms such as M13 and Canaan Partners, it has had supporters such as Katie Couric and Paris Hilton. (For reference, both Couric and Hilton with podcasts).

Spotify did not specify how much it had paid to acquire Podz.

Acquisition is the latest move in the battle to monetize podcasting. In April, Spotify has announced its paid subscription platform, which allows creators to offer subscriptions to their shows. Interestingly, Spotify said it would not be able to charge podcasters to use the platform for the first two years and would only expect them to assume payment transaction rights. In 2023, however, Spotify will start charging a 5% fee to use the platform.

This is in contrast to Apple, which will take 30% of the subscription fees for podcasts during the first year and 15% in subsequent years. Apple has launched in-app podcast subscriptions this month.

Spotify integrates Podz technology into its platform and said users can expect to see items before the end of the year.

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