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Spotify and WWE Teamed Up on Podcasts

This is a big weekend in the world of professional wrestling. two major shows are scheduled, including one of the highlights, SummerSlam, taking place on Saturday at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. The company is making some headway in other areas with a new partnership with audio content.

WWE and The Ringer (which cost about $ 200 million on Spotify to add to their roster) are podcast network together. The Ringer podcast Masked man show was renamed to Anti-call show… More podcasts are coming soon, including a narrative series created by Bill Simmons (a self-proclaimed WWE fan) and additional WWE talent shows. Current WWE podcasts, including New day: feel the power and WWE After Calling Corey Graves, also become a Spotify exclusive.

In addition to podcasts, there will be live audio discussions following each major WWE pay-per-view event. This weekend, The Ringer is recording several podcast episodes and conducting live Greenroom talks in Las Vegas.

WWE is a great place for Spotify given the brand’s popularity and global reach. Though SummerSlam may eclipse in professional wrestling, this weekend seems like a good time to start a partnership.

Earlier this year, the WWE network. So, if you’re a Peacock Premium member, you can watch SummerSlam and Sunday’s NXT TakeOver 36 at no extra cost.

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