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Space Season 6 Episode 5 Review: Why We Fight

The drummer (Kara Ji) is sitting on the bunk and looking at the hand terminal.

The drummer looks cool even when he checks his messages.
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There is not a minute of wasted space in Why We Fight. Spaciousness provides the penultimate entry that moves everyone to positions for final next week… The main idea of ​​the episode Avasaralapress the whole court to get Drummerhelp in the fight against Marcobut there are a few more important points along the way, involving zombies, brothels, emotional reunions, and more.

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As predicted, Kara brought the corpse of her younger brother Xan to the forest, where a certain “strange dogs“Are known to demonstrate the eerie power of resurrection. Falling asleep, she wakes up with her parents frantically looking for her … and then she sees Xan. He’s alive! But something is wrong. “I feel strange,” the boy says. “Everything looks different.” He mentions “being in the substrate”, a term that Spaciousness readers will learn that this refers to the mysterious alien civilization that created the protomolecule. But this is not very important to understand; the important thing here is that a) Ksan was dead and now alive with the help of the Laconian “dogs” who definitely have a deep connection with the protomolecule, and b) although the naive Kara does not see it, we know that Xan is not really Xan.

But first: remember that strike group that Mars decided to deploy with the intention of taking control of Medina station, even after Avasarala said it was a bad idea and the UN would not help? It turns out that in Medina, controlled by the Free Fleet of Marco Inaros with the help of the weapons of Admiral Duarte of Laconia, many massive rail guns are installed on the surface of the Ring … aimed at anyone who dares to pass without permission. Needless to say, MCRN has no chance.

On the PellaMarco accepts news reports of how he and the Free Fleet are losing favor, especially after Drummer’s loud announcement of a raid on his hidden supply depots and delivering them to desperate belters on Ceres. As always, Rosenfeld, whose job here is actually “Inaros’s family counselor,” stands by to calm him down, plug in a fork for taking Philip out of the trash and remind him that the goal is to get to Medina. … Once they make their way through the Ringworld and safely hide behind the protective firepower of these rail guns, they will essentially triumph.

In the next scene, in a joint briefing on Ceres for Mars and the UN, we learn why these guns are so cool: they Martian design and “Made of metal we’ve never seen before.” These people know that they cannot let Marco escape through the Ring, but how are they going to stop him? Even put together, they don’t have enough ships to withstand the Free Fleet. Avasarala says that if they are going to send more people to fight to the death, they need to at least give them a chance to win.

The docks of Ceres recently renovated Roshireceives a new hull skin made of special metal by order of UNN engineers. Clarissa calls it “some cool new armor,” but also tells Holden that its creation began with researching her father’s protomolecule. Jules-Pierre Mao was high the troubled guy Clarissa knows best, but he also believed that “the protomolecule was the key to ensuring the survival of our species.” She adds regretfully, “Things like that make him seem right.”

Return to episode threeHolden mused that he knew someone who could help him and Naomi sort out the alarming phenomenon of ships disappearing as they pass through the Ringworld. And of course this is their old buddy from The Dangerous Adventures of Season 4 on Ilus: Dr. Elvy Okoye! In a video message, she informs them that her research has identified “a mass energy threshold that precedes or possibly triggers these events, which will obviously have dire consequences for the future uses of the rings.” While Holden says he needs to show information to Avasaral (“This is more than war”), Naomi sees news that Drummer is bringing the supplies she freed from Marco to Ceres and smiles. Much less happy is the hero herself, whose delivery is delayed due to bureaucracy due to suspicious entrails – until Avasarala bursts into exchange and welcomes her to Ceres, until there are no “glitches”.

Somehow these characters are first encountered on the show, and the moment is as tense as you’d expect; Awasarala clearly hopes to forge an alliance with Drummer to fight against Marco, while Drummer is only interested in getting supplies and getting the hell out of there … with another important assignment: a visit to the doctor for Josep. His severed arm does not recover.grows right and he is in agony; he will need to amputate it and replace it with a prosthesis. While Drummer ponders this, she lets Naomi’s call go unanswered; she later checks the message, and this is a request for them to meet while they are both on Ceres. (If you’ve watched the additional Amazon “X-Ray” shorts created specifically for this season Spaciousnessyou know that Naomi has been trying to contact Drummer for some time now, but without a response.) Later Michio says that he will stay with Josep on Ceres, even if it means that she will obey the inner ones. Drummer faces a war, and they – the last two members of her family – can no longer help her in this fight. “I never loved you because you were fighters,” Drummer says as he leaves. “I loved you because you were builders. I wanted us to build something together. “

As for Avasarala, we will see her meeting with Holden. They both have an agenda: Hhe is here to give her information on the newly discovered dangers of transit on the Ringworld (and to tell her that they must share it with Marco, an idea she dismisses as ridiculous); she tells him about the rail guns on the Ring and asks him to use his influence to win the Drummer over to her side. He is skeptical, but she hopes that even Drummer, who hates Earth almost as much as she hates Marco, can change her point of view.

Elsewhere on Ceres, Amos and Bobby – who both are in desperate need let off steam – collide with each other, getting drunk in a local watering hole. But what really matters in this scene is the conversation, not the booze (and brothels in Amos’s case); Amos tells Bobby the truth about the unexploded missile and he says he is not sure he will return to Holden and Rocinante… Their conversation boils down to what makes a person “bad” or “good,” and Bobby makes a compelling argument: “At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the fight over who covers your flank. It doesn’t matter if they are saints or assholes. These are your people – they are covering your back, and you are theirs, otherwise you will have nothing. Something clicks in Amos’s head and he knows he will return to the ship.… after another visit to the brothel. – Do you want to go with? He asks Bobby. “With you? Or with you? “asks Bobby.” Whatever, “he shrugs. (We will never know what came out of that.)

On the Pellaall in celebration of the Free Fleet’s victory over MCRN in the Ring. Everyone except Philip, who was puzzled to see that Tadeo, his new employee, was being held in the guardhouse; he appears to have been caught trying to relay a message to his missing brother on Ceres, in violation of the wartime radio silence policy. On the bridge, Rosenfeld and Marko discuss battle strategy: “They have size, we have numbers; whatever they are doing now, they cannot attack us everywhere at once. ” (She then shows him a short speech by Philip from the end of Episode 4. “It’s nice to see such fire in him,” says Rosenfeld. “I wonder where he gets it from?” The news is devastating not only because his brother is dead, but also because, as Tadeo admits with tears in his eyes, he was on the team that planted the bombs. “They said the belters wouldn’t get hurt,” he sobs, clutching a stoically frightened Philip.

Back on Ceres, Drummer’s emotionally harrowing day continues when she is spotted walking through a checkpoint. and the UN guards are waving at her because she is “pre-cleared.” At first she resists, but then agrees, and of course Niko shows up with a handheld terminal, captures everything on camera and grins, “How does it feel to be a loved pet?” Then Naomi waits for her at Tynanand their awkward reunion quickly culminates when Naomi asks to meet the Drummer family. “They’re gone,” the Drummer replies, and then notes what happened: Two left after the Drummer helped save Rocinante (as seen last season), one was killed by Marco due to Roshi thing, and, well, we just saw what happened to Josep and Michio.

Naomi apologizes for her role in all of this, but Drummer knows she wasn’t looking for her to apologize. Instead of, she is here to advance Avasarala’s plan, asking Drummer to fight Marco alongside Earth and Mars. The drummer is stunned and offended, but that’s more than her feelings for Naomi. From her point of view, she has two options: “I can wait until the bounty is high enough for someone to kill me, or I can put the collar around my neck and hold the leash. There is no place for me in this universe. ” Naomi understands the feeling of being caught between two sides, and she tells Drummer, “All we can do now is support the people we love. What else is there? ”The perfect drummer’s response, I’m-upset-but-I-know-you’re-right, is“ Fuck you, ”over and over as they cry and hug.

And finally we get Spaciousnessthis is the first face-to-face meeting between Avasarala and the Drummer – two forces of nature who are about to join forces to (hopefully) destroy Marco once and for all. “The system is filled with the graves of belters who trusted their own,” says Drummer. “And my planet is now covered with the bodies of people who paid the price for it,” objected Avasarala. The end of the war even before more The goal here is the death of people – on this they both agree – but Drummer wants to make sure: after the death of Marco and the end of the war: “Will you remember the Belters who shed blood for your victory?” Avasarala says she knows why the loins hate her, but also that they have no reason to think of her as a liar. “My people will not obey your orders,” says Drummer, and Avasarala replies, “I don’t expect them to be.” An alliance that seemed impossible in pre-Marco days is sealed with a handshake … and we are approaching the series finale!

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