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‘Seinfeld’ may not be available for streaming for months

It’s pretty bad when a favorite TV show jump to another service, ma Seinfeld Fans may have to give up the show entirely for a while. Vulture sources pretending the legendary spectacle of nothing will not be come to Netflix until September “as soon as possible.” Since the show starts on Hulu on June 23rd, you may need to spend months without making up stories of parking lots and bloated shirts – at least, not without buying episodes.

It’s not clear just why there would be a gap when it shows how The Office they made relatively perfect transitions. Netflix too extended access to Friends to make sure there wasn’t so much gap when it came to the series is off for HBO Max in 2020.

We asked Netflix to comment.

Vulture He speculated that this could be a deliberate pause to build a hype for SeinfeldThe return or launch alongside a special comedy. However, it could also be a simple matter of contract terms. The Sony Pictures Television deal could prevent Netflix from airing the show as soon as it may like it. This is an important show that could easily attract viewers without much fanfare, and it would be strange to sit on as many potential subscriber entries for three months or more.

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