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See stunning photos of how climate change is changing our world

Beautiful and disturbingpictures of how the world is changing and heating up are part of a competition to put pressure on one of the world’s top cams companies abandon their controversial views on climate.

Bwatchdog for business accountability Action speaks louder launched “Cameras don’t lie” competition in February press photography giant Canon to distance itself from climate denial, the group says, is being perpetuated at the nonprofit Canon. supports.

“Canon has two faces; positioning itself as an environmentally friendly and socially responsible company, it created the Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS) think tank, which is a platform for climate denial,” the campaign says. Web site is reading.

The Canon Global Research Institute was founded by Canon in 2008 “with the aim of contributing to the development of Japan and the rest of the world,” according to the company. Press release. Like a Guardian reported last yearinstitute employee, Taishi Sugiyama has written several blog posts for the Institute questioning the science of climate change and endorsing material and theories from prominent denier-led groups and institutions. A a report released by the think tank last year also found that Canon has significantly lower climate ambitions than competitors such as Nikon, Sony, and Panasonic, and recently lowered their emission reduction targets.

Earthman has reached out to the Canon Institute as well as Canon for comment, but received no response by the time of publication.Youon. Mentioning multiple articles in the Guardian article from Sugiyama, including one article calling Thunberg a communist as well as children’s book description he wrote that he encourages children to “explore the effects of global warming on the basis of facts”, to stay on the site live.

Canon has denied accusations that he had lackluster environmental goals, as well as accusations from Action Speaks Louder.

“The statements referred to by Action Speaks Louder are those issued by Mr. Sugiyama, who is associated with CIGS. CIGS operates independently and is not affiliated with Canon’s commercial activities. The research and statements published by Mr. Sugiyama are solely his own,” PetaPixel announced early last month. “Therefore, Canon cannot officially respond to Action Speaks Louder inquiries. Global environmental issues are one of the main pillars of Canon’s governance, and Canon remains committed to contributing through various means to a carbon-neutral society.”

finalists here were selected from over 180 papers from 30 countries. Winning image “The Disappearing Island of Dhal Chor Bangladesh” by photographer Paolo Patrisi. above was exhibited in Times Square in New York in March.ahead of the Canon shareholders’ meeting.

Click to see a photo of the winner and other campaign finalists.

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