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Sean Bean Reacts to Game of Thrones’ Ending: “Good for Them”


Sean Bean as Ned Stark in the first season of HBO's Game of Thrones.

Ned Stark, before some dramatic weight loss over his shoulders.
Image: HBO

The “they” are Winterfell, of course.

Sean Bean can be dramatically bent out of Game of Thrones in the climax of his first season-Thanks to Ned Stark whose head flashed – but his shocking exit cast a long, often complex shadow over the rest of the show, metatextually or otherwise. You may be inclined to think that the actor continues with how his children on screen avenged his death, but Sean Bean is a very busy man (there are, of course, many movies and TV series for him going to die in), and Game of Thrones it’s probably too much television for anyone to keep up, not to mention Sean Bean.

The actor revealed this in a recent interview with and Times about his career and his role in the upcoming prison drama Time. But rather than leave it, the basic plot of Thronelast moments – and in particular that Sansa, as Queen in the North, separates her lands from the wider control of the ruling powers in King’s Landing after Bran take the throne– I explained to the Bean.


“So Winterfell has been separated?” Oh, good for them, ”the actor simply said.

Which, honestly, is probably the most diplomatic answer to Throne‘ending if he could get away with it, even less the former patriarch of Starks himself. Good for them, really!

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