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Sci-fi romance with Leslie Odom

Leslie Odom Jr. and Cynthia Erivo embrace in a scene from the TV series Needle in a Time Stack.

Leslie Odom Jr. and Cynthia Erivo star in the movie Needle in the stack of time.
Image: Lionsgate

Dealing with toxic exes – a pain in the ass no matter what, but things get much worse if they start time travel. V Needle in the stack of time, Hamilton Leslie Odom Jr. and Losers Cynthia Erivo star as a couple in love. That is, while ex woman goes back in time to seduce a man his former. And those exes are playing Lord of the Rings’ Orlando Bloom and Slumdog Millionairewith FriHeyda pinto

Yes, there are many very beautiful people competing for different affection in Needle in the stack of time, written and directed by Oscar winner John Ridley (12 years of slavery) is an based on a story by Robert Silverberg. Here’s the trailer.

The biggest sale here is by far one man’s idea former travel back in time to end a relationship with a former partner relationship with their ex’s ex-partner (deep breath)and yet the film itself seems to be more focused on the side of Odom’s story. From the very beginning of the trailer, you can see that he also uses time travel. You are wondering, but thisoffensive or defensive maneuver? His demeanor is calm enough to seem not related to the attack by Bloom and Pinto –youunless, perhaps, he is generally the reason that things got off the ground along this very complex scheme.

I amts award-winning cast and Oscar-caliber cinematographer, shot from this is a mixture of sci-fi and romantic genres, does Needle in the stack of time seem very intriguing. That this could be the first time you hear about it and this It is produced by Lionsgate on a relatively small scale, which is a little less encouraging. However, you have to imagine that the people involved alone will make it noteworthy.

Needle in the stack of time opens in select cinemas, as well as on demand and digitally on 15 October. DVD / Blu-ray will be released soon on October 19.

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