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Samuel Wright is dead, Sebastian in Sirenetta was 73 years old

Samuel E. Wright, the voice of Sebastian in The Little Mermaid, is dead.  He saw it here in 2013.

Samuel E. Wright, voice of Sebastian in The Little Mermaid, is dead. He saw it here in 2013.
Photo: Craig Barritt (Getty Images)

Disney animated films are known for their recognizable and unmistakable voices, but few adapt to that fact as much as Samuel E. Wright. Wright made his mark on Sebastian, the lovable crab in the 1989 smash The Little Mermaid, unforgettable singing the Oscar-winning song, “Under the Sea.” And while Wright’s voice will live on in our hearts forever, he died this week at the age of 74.

In addition to Sebastian’s voice, Wright originated the role of Mufasa in the stage version The Lion King (for which he was nominated for a Tony for Best Featured Actor in a Musical) and named Kron the Iguanodon in Dinosaur. He also took on the role of Sebastian in numerous other projects. If you heard the character in a game or direct-to-video sequel, era usually him.

Wright had been acting for several years before starting work with Disney, appearing in TV series cume The Cosby Show and Enos. Then The Little Mermaid, used his fame to great success, promoting art around the Hudson Valley in New York, where he and his family lived, to u Hudson Valley Conservatory, to notfor-profit organization that implements all kinds of shows and offers opportunities in the arts. In local Montgomery, New York Facebook page first reports the news of his death.

“Sam and his family have influenced countless young people from the Hudson Valley who have always inspired them to go higher and dig deeper to become the best version of themselves,” the post said. “In addition to his passion for art and his love for his family, Sam was best known for walking into a room and providing only PURE JOY to those he interacted with. He loved to have fun, he loved to smile and laugh and he loved to love. ”

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