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Samsung will unveil the new Wear OS experience on June 28th

it’s one of the biggest names still participating in this year’s Mobile World Congress (though and will have something significant to reveal about the future of smartwatches. The company earlier this year to work on the next version of Wear OS. During a MWC session next week, Samsung will be showcasing a “new watch experience” – in other words, our first proper look at what’s been cooked with Google.

Along with “reinventing smartwatches,” Samsung will also share details on its latest security enhancements for the Galaxy ecosystem. Since this is not an Unpacked event, it is unclear whether Samsung will unveil new devices. However, the company said it will present “how the Galaxy ecosystem of connected devices is meant to provide people with even greater opportunities to enrich their lifestyles,” so there is at least a chance to see new products.

U takes place at 1:15 PM ET on Monday, June 28th. You can watch it live .

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