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Samsung costs up to $ 200 on the new Galaxy Chromebook 2

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Samsung may have released the Galaxy Chromebook 2 only in March, but it has already discounted the laptop. You can take it Galaxy Chromebook 2 with an Intel Celeron processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of memory for only $ 450 directly at Samsung, and that’s $ 100 of its normal price. If you meet the model with a Core i3 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory, you’ll pay only $ 500 and save $ 200 for its normal price. It’s worth noting that there is no exchange required to get these discounts, unlike most of the offers you will find directly from Samsung.

Buy the Galaxy Chromebook 2 at Samsung for $ 450

U Original Galaxy Chromebook it was a high-end car that, looking back, was probably excessive. Samsung understood this and brought the laptop back on the ground with the changes it has made in the past Galaxy Chromebook 2. The design is mostly the same, but Samsung has removed the integrated stylus and fingerprint sensor from the laptop. While those were nice advantages, they aren’t necessary to make a solid Chromebook. Samsung has also eliminated the 4K display and instead used a 1080p QLED panel on the Chromebook 2 which, despite being a downgrade, still looks impressive.

The best processor you will find on this laptop is the 10-gen Intel Core i3. It’s not as powerful as the Core i5 in the original, but it still does a nice job completing the standard Chromebook-friendly capabilities like handling dozens of open Chrome tabs. And we appreciate its long battery life – the Galaxy Note 2 Chromebook lasted almost 12 hours in our tests, so it should wear out easily during your work day.

Overall, Samsung has edited its original machine down to the better, more practical Chromebook Galaxy 2. It may still be on the expensive side for a Chrome OS laptop, but its solid performance, attractive design and above-average display media are worth the extra money – especially for those who plan to use this laptop as their daily driver.

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