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Ryan Reynolds Project Adam Netflix Sci-Fi Trailer

Ryan Reynolds confronts what appears to be a silver robot in a scene from Project Adam.
Two Adams fight a brilliant enemy.
Photo: Doane Gregory/Netflix

“After an accidental crash landing in 2022, time-traveling fighter pilot Adam Reid teams up with his 12-year-old self on a mission to save the future.” This is a logline on Netflix Project Adamwhich won’t give you much until you know that it belongs to the same team of directors and stars that created extremely popular free guy: Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds. And now there’s a quirky, action-packed new trailer.

V Project AdamAdam in 2050 will have to get Adam in 2022 to help him repair this wrecked ship – a key part of his important mission to save the future – an idea that met with some resistance at first. Of course, he knows better than anyone how to convince himself to do what he does not want to do. “The humor that Adam uses in the film resonates with some aspects of my life, which is to say it is a defense mechanism,” Reynolds. Vanity Fair said lately. “It’s a defense mechanism against letting something in and trying to deflect it. And of course, part of the path he’s in is to bring down that shield.”

And just because Levy and Reynolds worked together on free guy does not mean Project Adam something like this movie. “This character is different day and night from the character Ryan played for me in our last film,” Levy told the magazine. “[Free Guy’s] The guy in the blue shirt is a deeply innocent, naive boy in a male body. While Adam Reid Project Adam exhausted by life and therefore deeply cynical.

Project Adam stars Reynolds as Adam and Walker Scobell as young Adam. The rest of the cast includes Mark Ruffalo as Adam’s father (a time-traveling scientist who dies sometime before the events of 2022) and Jennifer Garner as Adam’s mother (yes, that’s official information). 13 Ongoing 30 there’s a reunion), plus the cool Zoe Saldanha and Catherine Keener, who doesn’t appear in this trailer.

Project Adam Coming to Netflix March 11th.

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