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Rodrigo Blaas of Visions talks about the downsizing of the Sith

Earlier this month, Disney released the second volume of its animated anthology. Star Wars visions. Where is volume one This new installment focuses on the sci-fi franchise through the lens of various Japanese studios. looked at them Worldwideand so much the better for it. Almost all of the episodes are nothing but fireworks, and the best of them, perhaps, Sith from the Spanish studio El Guiri.

The 14-minute short film opens the new season and currently part of the Spanish animation screening at the Cannes Film Festival. Speaking with Diversityits writer/director Rodrigo Blaas spoke about how Sith a vibrant art style. For the main character Lola (Ursula Corbero), drawing is a key part of her journey.y, and how the short visualizes the Force that characters like the Jedi and Sith can use.. At first, she uses her power to form bubbles that turn different colors, and when these bubbles explode explode, the resulting mixture is scattered in dots along (mostly white) walls of her living room. This is a happy accident, and this phrase perfectly conveys the visuals of the short film.

Ask any creative person and they’ll tell you it’s natural to screw up.. You can’t make something beautiful without first making it ugly, and Blaas shares this sentiment. He found that painting often involves “making mistakes and splashing color and then using that spill to destroy and create something else.” (Something you can see mostly in the interior of Lola’s ship, where there are places that haven’t yet been painted over or look like the paint has faded over time.) And by accepting those mistakes, El Guiri was able to “scratch the frame.” and use this mixed environment where not all 3D is in the same 3D environment.”

Sith feels strongly influenced by abstract painters, and while Blaas acknowledged this, he also noted how artistically simple the iconic images were. Star Wars’ is. As a kid, drawing something like Star Destroyers might just be big triangles next to big round planets. They just become these colored circles.” He found further inspiration in his daughter and the “visual legacy” of his childhood. While it was important to respect his own culture, he also saw it as an opportunity to “bring a different vision and something new”.

Prior to co-founding El Guiri, Blaas worked for studios such as Blue Sky and Pixar. For him, the propensity for these errors was contrary to his previous work, but it was necessary to do so. Sith my best me. He acknowledged that it was an active decision he made to see if it “provides some artistic value and a different point of view”. He mentioned that he would like to do something that could “break stereotypes” similar to what Pixar colleague Brad Bird did during his time in the studio, and it’s like Sith did exactly that.

You can see Sith and other shorts that make up Star Wars: Visions The second season ended on Disney+.

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