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Rivian may build its first international electric vehicle plant in the UK


Rivian may not focus solely on expanding its US production. Sky News sources say the electric car developer is in talks with the British government to build a plant near Bristol. Discussions are still pending, but the focus is reportedly on the production of the vehicles themselves rather than the batteries, although there was room for an all-encompassing Tesla-style gigafactory.

Competing proposals came from Germany and the Netherlands, Sky claimed. However, if the UK plant does go live, the government could presumably invest “much more” £ 1 billion (about $ 1.39 billion). Rivian declined to comment.

There is certainly pressure to seek international expansion. Rivian has only one plant, the former Mitsubishi plant in Illinois, and has just unveiled plans for a second US plant that could also make batteries. Such an outcome could limit potential sales, especially outside of North America, and could hinder the deployment of Amazon’s electric van.


This could help Rivian scale to counter rivals such as Tesla and Volkswagen, which are rapidly expanding their EV production bases. The UK intends to ban the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines in 2035, which means a switch from local production to electric vehicles. The Rivian plant could help the country move towards electric vehicles, not to mention boost sales that will make public acceptance much stronger.

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