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Revealed mobile suit Gundam – a witch from the anime series Mercury

Title card for Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury.

I have no idea what it is, but I want it.
Image: Sunrise

Mobile Suit Gundam spent the last decade for the most part focusing on fixtures on both big-screen and small… Although TV shows like model kit thematic Gundam Build serial and adaptive works like Origin and Thunderbolt kept the iconic mecha series on television, its main projects promoting the series were filmed in films, for example Gundam: Hathaway… That is, until now.

Sunrise announced this morning that the first fully new Gundam The television series – as a maladaptive, original entry in the saga’s extensive timeline – since Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans will air in 2022. Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch from Mercury, or G-Witch In short, the show is defined as “a piece that even the younger generation will support” according to the statement from Koji Fujiwara, Director of Bandai Namco Gundam (job title I would like immediately).

Except for the title and release window, details about the new series remain sparse. It is not known, for example, whether the series will be installed in one of the Gundamseveral previously established time frames – be it the cult Universal Century, chronology of the original series and most franchise heirs, movies, manga, novels and games, Or one of the others alternates as Gundam Wing“s”After the colony ” installation or Iron-blooded orphans‘”Post Disaster “– or completely original. It is also unknown what kind of series it is in general. Oalthough a fantastic name like Witch from Mercury potentially suggests that the show can focus on the female protagonist, a rarity for Gundam

The idea of ​​space “Witch” you can even draw parallels with one of the most iconic concepts from Gundam in addition to the title mobile suits: Newtype, a name given to people who descended from life in space colonies during the Universal Age, with latent psychic abilities. New types – and their artificially created iterations, known as cyber-new types – are world century timeline business card in particular, although variations of this concept have been used in other Gundam material. So if Witch from Mercury also wants to play with the concept, it can really be very interesting outside more giant robot astropolitan action

However, so far these are only assumptions. All we know is that Gundam is back on TV, and no doubt we’ll find out more in anticipation of its release in 2022.

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